Hartford-trade.com Review: It’s a Scam!

Hartford-trade.com purports to be a registered investment firm operating out of the US but their modus operandi suggests they are a HYIP.

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Never invest in a HYIP because they actually recycle investor funds instead of participating in real financial trading.

This is the reason I am unable to include this website into our list of the most recommended resources for trading and investing.

That aside, the website of Hartford-trade.com was registered in December 2020 and is set to expire in exactly 1 year.

This short-lived duration on the internet is a trend commonly exhibited by websites that are operated by scam artists.

Furthermore, Hartford-trade.com claims to provide “loans” to borrowers wanting to ‘build a business’ or move into a new dream home.

It’s not clear what steps are required to apply or qualify for this loan.

In fact, the official website does not provide additional information on this matter.

Their FAQ page tends to focus on trading and investment plans.

So I don’t see where loans come in, and it would probably be a good idea if the owner of this website elaborated what they mean by ‘giving loans’.

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Is Hartford-trade.com legit or a scam?

We look at several factors to make a conclusive judgement.

The first red flag has to be the age of the website and the duration it intends to stay live on the internet.

My research reveals that this website is online for the next 12 months or less.

This suggests that the owner is not providing a very reliable service to the people they claim to serve and could close business anytime soon.

The other red flag exhibited by this suspicious website is the fact that owners of Hartford Trade are 100% anonymous. Why?

According to their profile which is publicly available on the internet, these guys are operating from 690 LEE ROAD WAYNE, PA 19087 UNITED STATESWAYNE, United States and can be contacted using +60 10-912 7375.

Since they’re too willing to provide their ‘physical address’ and phone number, it would make sense to introduce the company CEO or founders, right?

Most investment companies that have a valid license will provide an about us page with these basic details.

So how can Hartford Trade claim that they are legit when they are missing out on these critical details?

Actually they are trying to fool us by listing a stock photo of “Marlina Moore” as the ‘official admin’.

Think about it. Someone using a stock photo to introduce the admin is actually hiding from you but why is this the case?

More evidence that Hartford Trade is a scam

So far, things are not adding up. But this scam wants you to disregard things and just act on pure faith.

Now that they claim to be based in the US, can we actually verify Hartford-trade.com as a SEC-registered investment firm?

Am afraid this website is not even registered as a company anywhere in the world.

If they cannot meet this basic requirement, a SEC registration status would be a pipe dream or something totally crazy.

In short, this is consistent with our findings at the beginning of this review.

The investment plans of Hartford-Trade.com

This is yet another ridiculous area where scammers running HYIP programs will appeal to the appetites of financial daydreamers.

HartFord Trade proclaims to provide hourly returns for their investment plans.

This would be 20% after 20 hours or 70% after 18 hours.

These figures are obviously nonsensical as anyone who has traded the financial markets, whether Bitcoin or Forex knows they can’t be achieved.

So what exactly is this scam trying to tell us?

In short, Hartford-trade.com is insulting your intelligence.


There are many scams like Hartford Trade on the internet.

The easiest way to spot them is to go to their investment plans and see whether they are promising astronomical returns within a few hours.

Even if returns make sense, demand some evidence that proves they are trading the markets.

A simple act of integrating a financial chart function on these websites should not be confused or taken as evidence of trading.

After all has been said and done, I would like to invite the anonymous owners of Hartford Trade to come clean and defend themselves.

Listen up guys!

Trustpilot reviews are never to be taken seriously. Any dubious website like Hartford-trade.com will scam people by creating a ‘neat’ profile full of fabricated testimonials.

Thanks for reading.

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