Review: Guru Trader is a Scam (Trading Systems)

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Welcome to the GuruTrader review. Guru Trader is a software vendor that creates and sells automated trading systems just like Yeti Forex robot and AI IntraDay.

Currently the vendor has listed multiple EAs on their platform but no pricing information was provided.

Based on the name and description of these automated trading systems, one can see that the trading systems were created from regular indicators that are found in common charting software like MetaTrader.

GuruTrader feels that we should trust them, and for that reason, they promise reliable performance, dyamic strategies, cutting-edge technology and 24/5 support.

GuruTrader does not provide names of the company founders but are claiming that they are an international and multidisciplinary team of distinctive professionals.

Rather than providing general explanation of who they are, the community would appreciate it if they introduced the profiles of their traders and programmers in more details.

Their address also suggests that the company is based out of Poland.

For quieries related to the technical aspects of their software, GuruTrader is urging traders to send an email to or use for EA-related questions.

We urge you to read the rest of this review to find out whether Guru Trader is creating trading software that is worth purchasing.

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GuruTrader Review: Inside their EAs

A quick look at this vendor’s website shows that they are well-organized. They have designed it in such a way that every information that is needed can be easily reached.

They’ve also provided links to their affiliated brokers meaning that if you sign up through those links, Guru Trader will earn a commission based on the volume of your trades.

Under “how it works” category, the vendor is focusing on the installation guide and how to play with different parameters of their expert advisors.

They’ve also provided diagrams to aid with understading the proper procedure for setting up their automated trading systems.

They claim that their software is already optimized but consumers are free to implement their own optimization.

They also advice that in case a trading system is making losses, we should leave it alone. This advice is controversial in nature as every trader has their own style of dealing with losses.

But as a general rule of thumb, traders should cut their losses early while letting their profitable trades run the longest.

Guru Trader is also recommending a minimum deposit is $10,000.

This recommendation is not a fast rule as they also claim that their EAs will work with a deposit of $2,000, even though the optimization won’t be as effective.

In other words, the vendor is saying that you can’t use their trading system if you are going to deposit an amount which is less than 10K.

Trading performance

One area that Guru Trader does not tackle very well is trading performance.

I see that their website was created 10 years ago, meaning that they have been developing and testing their products for a long time.

It is quite a surprise that despite years of testing, GuruTrader is only relying on hypothetical trading performance instead of testing their software in the real market.

This is absurd and even not acceptible considering that their website looks professional and one would easily be tricked to think that this vendor is seriously into trading software.

GuruTrader consumer feedback

Only one feedback can be found online about this vendor’s trading systems. It looks like a person who is affiliated with Guru Trader was involved in defrauding activities.

The consumer reported that he was scammed by a person named Morena Mafokeng.

These allegations have not been countered by this vendor in any way. This leaves us with one question in mind: if the company is innocent and no scamming occurred, why are they silent about the negative comment?

We need additional clarification because their trust rating won’t look good if they have a decent website but their products are only for scamming traders.

The Conclusion

I would not recommend any of their trading systems for the obvious reasons. I don’t feel that their trading strategies are unique or more helpful that what you already have on your MT4 charting platform.

Secondly, GuruTrader is hiding behind hypothetical performance, which is a very sad state of affairs.

We need them to be bold enough. They should convince us with tangible reasons as to why they believe their EAs work.

If you have a comment, we encourage you to put it down below. Otherwise, we are also inviting this vendor in our email to clarify the issues that we have against their trading products.

We hold the opinion that this is a neat scam.

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