Gtradenow Review: Nadex Binary Options Scam

Welcome to review. is purporting to teach students how to attain financial freedom through Nadex binary options trading.

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The business registered its website in October 2017 under the ownership of Steve Gorniak.

Their about us material also discloses multiple other co-owners and business associates of Steve Gorniak.

Mr. Gorniak claims to be an ex United States Marine Corps Veteran with 6 years of “lucrative trading experience”.

He proclaims a consistent profitable track record with “highest profit rating and win percentage”.

Unfortunately, the owner of Gtradenow does not provide a verifiable performance record of his “profitable” trades.

His “6 years of trading experience” is purely a vacuum.

Gtradenow review

Furthermore, nothing is known about the supposed co-owners of Gtradenow.

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Is Gtradenow legit?

No, it is not legitimate. However, the product offering is very tempting.

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The website offers get-rich-quick trading courses on binary options which include:

  • 5 minute binary course education….. $300
  • Nadex signals service…. $100/monthly
  • Hourly course education….$300
  • Combo course education…. $500
  • VIP membership….. $1200

In the above trading courses, Steve Gorniak promises live trading. Of course all trading is being done on a Nadex simulator.

He also claims to provide trading signals, trade setups, indicators, trade watchlist, weekly mentorship and so on.

Additionally, the owner of Gtradenow is promising subscribers up to 80 Nadex signals per month.

Mr.Steve Gorniak does not provide a record of his signals performance. However, subscribers pay hoping that copy-pasting these signal recommendations will help them attain financial freedom.

This is complete baloney. This dude has even posted videos of “fake testimonials” on his website.

The financially desperate are very quick to believe these “testimonials”.

Who is Steve Gorniak?

His LinkedIn profile does not highlight his association with binary options trading.

The dude is a creative marketer and a resilient scammer. But his performance record is non existent.

Steve Gorniak gtradenow

However, he purports to be a successful and consistently profitable trader that can teach everyone how to become a profitable trader.

This trading education website is nothing more than a cash cow for Steve and his associates.


We’re sure that this guy has other phony websites out there.

These kind of “trading educators” are extremely disgusting as they defraud victims based on the empty promise of helping them attain financial freedom.

One last thing…. remember to stay away from any trading education website where the owner does not trade or is using a simulator.

Avoid trading gurus who hide behind hypothetical trading performance.

Thanks for reading our Gtradenow review. Nothing good will come out of this “fuckup”, not even a single profitable Nadex signal.

But your money will be gone!

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