Review: A Ponzi Scheme (What to do) is owned and operated by Josip Heit. Mr Heit is a seasoned Ponzi scheme perpetrator who has spent a better part of his life jumping from one country to another and tricking authorities.

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At one point he lived in Germany, then Canada and in the Republic of Croatia. The purpose of Mr. Heit moving up and about is to camouflage his shady business activities and to complicate matters.

In this review, we let you know that this is a ponzi scheme and a potential scam. If you have lost money here, you can recover it by going this direction. review and overview first appeared online in April 2020 (according to this tool). The criminal outfit is associated with a company called GS Chain which was incorporated in the UK in April 2021.

Previously, GS Chain was incorporated in the UK as International Tech & Fintech PLC, and it’s worth noting that the company was registered using a virtual office address.

The reason for changing the names of this company is because Mr. Heit (the owner) wanted to fly under the authorities’ radar.

The company listed Leon Filipovic as the sole director.

Mr. Filipovic appears to have a history engaging in blochain matters since 2016.

Companies where Filipovic has worked in include IFLS Corporate Services Ltd and Pameroy Group. In addition to this, there appears to be a link between these two company. and the tokens

GS Chain (which is part and parcel of used to reward affiliates with a Binance smart chain token called LSC or Last Survivor Coin.

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Due to the witty nature of Mr. Heit, the company GS Chain was registered into the London Stock Exchange to give it some sort of credibility.

I want you to understand that by no means does this validate the business activities of or GS Chain.

One of the promoters called Nitsa Nakos reiterates that GS Partners is currently ‘rewarding’ members who bring in new members using GSC token.

GSC is a token whose market cap and volume has never been verified. Its’ value is also pathetic. This suggests that GSC is just one of the many useless Cryptocurrencies in the market.

A shady company called Pameroy Group

Mr. Filipovic has worked at Pameroy Group as the person in charge of blockchain education and trading software.

No wonder blockchain education features on the website where the company is charging between 100 USDT to 200 USDT per course.

What’s interesting about Pameroy Group is that the entity set up another shell company in Mwali, Comoros to establish their so-called Gold Standard Bank project.

GSPartners website lies that Gold Standard Bank (GSB)has a Mwali banking license.

Essentially, this means that is using their Gold Standard Bank for money laundering purposes.

The bank is being used as an avenue to launder funds into and out of GS Partners ponzi schemes.

Wrapping it up

Mr. Heit is one hell of a liar. His ponzi schemes mainly target US citizens but countries like the UK are also involved.

This scammer has gone to great lengths to trick both the SEC and the FCA. These folks are basically helpless as they are unable to impose any sanctions or fines on this illegal project.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Heit also choose to dish out his bogus shares to the UK residents.

This, in our opinion, is considered securities fraud.

Let’s wait and see how this goes. But for the time being, you don’t want to abet crime by purchasing shares or promoting the scam in any way. Are we together?

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