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Grid Trend Multiplier Review: Is it a Scam?

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The Grid Trend Multiplier is an old Forex robot by Alex Du Plooy.

Alex is currently selling copies of the Grid Trend Multiplier EA for $280 but those who pay with Bitcoin receive a discount of 50%.

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The Grid Trend Multiplier uses the “multiplier effect” where it trades all movements in all directions.

It is for both inexperienced and experienced traders alike.

For the newbie, the Forex EA needs to be setup in such a way that currencies to be traded must be selected and frequency of trades no matter the direction.

Alex claims that this will earn the trader 50 to 300 pips daily.

On the other hand, experienced traders will have to select their intended direction so they can profit as market moves in their pre-determined direction.

There are two strategies for trading using this Forex EA;  direction approach and the Non directional trading approach.

The former is supposed to be used by experienced Forex traders while the latter is used by inexperienced traders.

A bit of hedging strategy is also involved. We generally don’t like robots that use hedging strategies because their their viability is sometimes hard to predict.

You can only do well with Forex robots recommended by us here as the developers incorporated strategies that can generate returns sustainably.

Is The Grid Trend Multiplier legit?

We do not know why the developer of this robot is showing us results for another Forex robot called EuroScalper.

Grid Trend Multiplier Forex ea review

They are currently using FXblue which is not our favorite statement sharing platform since analyzing stats here can be cumbersome.

We prefer myfxbook instead. They’re also showing us a trading sample where the user generated 16000 pips from EURUSD crash in 2 months.

This is not what we expect from a developer that is serious about proving their trading performance.

The sales page of this Forex robot keeps telling us how good the robot is but they can’t actually verify their statements using proof of performance.


While The Grid Trend Multiplier is an old Forex robot, we don’t know of any users who have benefited from it.

Furthermore,judging by what we see on the sales page, we can tell that this Forex robot is a failure.

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