Green Tower Investments Review: A Clever Scam

Green Tower Investments whose website is found at is a scam.

This website masquerades as an online trading platform for Forex, Crypto, CFDs and stocks but in the real sense, they are not a legitimate broker or platform.

Traders and investors who get involved by signing up and depositing funds through the website’s user dashboard will burn their fingers.

Furthermore, this website is very new and has no reputation at all. It was registered in April 2021, and we consider it a fly by night “investment” website that cannot be trusted.

For that reason, we are unable to include Green Tower Investments into our list of the most recommended trading and investing platforms because we feel unsafe.

Due to all the red flags on this website, we ask the community of traders and investors to avoid this fraudulent broker because of the following reasons:

Green Tower Investments is not a regulated or licensed broker

Green Tower Investments claims to have a presence in the UK, Canada and Australia. They suggest so by providing phone numbers for their supposed offices in these countries.

Truth is that this company is using virtual phone numbers and their real address is not known.

We cannot determine which financial regulator should provide them with a license since Green Tower Investments is running form an anonymous location.

This is a red flag in itself because a company providing financial services on the internet should clearly state their physical location and licensing details.

Nevertheless, Green Tower Investments does not have a license and neither do they bother to provide us with a real physical location.

Account types are meant to encourage stealing of victims funds

Green Tower Investments provides different account types. Their basic account requires a minimum deposit of €250 but is limited in features.

The only thing that this basic account will provide you with is a bunch of tradable assets, market review and leverage of up to 1:100.

If you want additional features like friendly spreads, more leverage, private analyst sessions, webinars, prioritized withdrawal requests and so on, you need to deposit at least €10,000.

Now, in the real sense, those who deposit this much will still lose all their investments because the modas operandi is similar to fraudulent investment websites like FZoption, Vnnex and FDX Capital.

Actually the reason for asking this huge deposit while “upgrading” is because these guys are greedy and calculating.

They want to entice investors with lies and as soon as the victim has sent more funds, they be blocked from the platform if they are unwilling to feed the scammers with more money.

To cut the long story short, Green Tower Investments is not a trading or investing platform.

Green Tower Investments has negative feedback all over

There’s no signing up with a scam site that has negative reputation from unfortunate victims who fell for their trap.

This platform has attracted a mountain of complaints from bitter victims who have lost thousands of dollars to the investment fraud.

With all the negative feedback, there’s no sane trader or investor who can trust this platform with real money.

We don’t recommend investing with websites whose reputation is negative. Just by looking at the reviews, you can see that this platform is far from being legitimate.

The conclusion

Don’t be fooled by beautiful website design because all of this is part of their effort to feign legitimacy and encourage deposits.

No trader has ever made money by trading or investing with Green Tower Investments. Their marketing materials are also misleading as the website is only full of lies.

With no valid regulatory license, you can be sure that this platform will scam you. That’s it.