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Greatsun Financial Review: Tokyo-Based Scam

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In this Greatsun Financial review, we prove that the website and company behind the operations is a scam.

Great Sun Financial in Tokyo is hawking investment advice and is directly soliciting funds from members of the public.

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The company is claiming to invest their clients’ funds in Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks, Shares, Fixed rate bonds and private equities.

Greatsun Financial scam


In addition to this, Greatsun Financial claims they’re offering their clients guaranteed savings plan.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Greatsun Financial is a shady asset management company.

They’re using an alias (Akari Watanabe) as the name of the CEO and they’re also buying “news space” from equally shady websites to make it look like the company is being covered in the media.

One recent news piece lied that banks and other financial institutions had approached the company with a proposal to take ownership of the company.

They claimed that the owners of the company turned down the offer because the banks couldn’t “afford” buying their company.

Therefore, in this Greatsun Financial review, we’ll have interesting things to disclose.

But the main thing is that you should never invest with a shady company like this one since you’ll definitely end up losing all your investments.

Greatsun Financial review

They claim to provide hedge fund solutions and asset management services in general.

On their website, they claim that they are the best in their field of expertise.

No return figures have been announced but the company is insisting that their investment solutions are very profitable.

The company operates from Tokyo, Japan. They cite their address as Akasaka K-Tower,
1-chome-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato City, Tokyo, 107-0051.

There are many scams operating in Tokyo Japan. A good example is West Capital Trading, which is the re-incarnation of Blue Trading scam.

Great Sun Financial is operating in a similar fashion to the above scam. However, they’re employing sneakier tactics to convince investors with lots of money.

They are masquerading as professional asset managers who know how to implement strategies that will yield consistent results while minimizing risk potential.

Greatsun Financial Background is suspicious

You must do your homework before you send in the check.

When you do your homework thoroughly, you will soon discover that the company behind Greatsun Financial is shady.

They have everything in order (phone numbers, email and a physical address). However, you will quickly realize that they are not even a registered company in Tokyo.

So how do you invest thousands of dollars in a shady operation that claims to be registered when it is not.

There are more serious issues that we’ll discuss in the next few paragraphs of this Greatsun Financial review.

But certainly no investor in their sane mind will ever think that this is a legit asset management operation.

Also, the operators of this entity have refused to identify themselves.

They claim to have created this company many years ago but when we investigate the date of website registration, we realize that the domain was registered in 2013 and updated in 2019.

This is therefore a very new website and the so-called employees do not even exist in the first place.

Not regulated, operating without a license

Greatsun Financial ought to have been registered by the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

Unfortunately, FSA does not have the name Greatsun Financial in their database.

It is illegal to solicit funds from the public for purposes of investing when you are not registered or licensed to do so.

It is even much worse to pretend that you are investing those funds in the stock market when you are only intending to pocket those funds in a bid to enrich yourself.

This should be the biggest red flag and warning to all who thought Greatsun Financial is a legit asset management company.

How Greatsun Financial works

They invite potential victims to contact them on their website.

Next, they’ll ask the victim about their financial status and make an attractive investment offer (usually not too good to be believe).

Greatsun Financial is currently buying news space on shady investment websites and so when you start doing your homework, you’ll find news or press release articles talking positively about the company.

Some of these websites appear genuine. They include MarketWatch,com, and many others.

There’s nothing wrong with selling news space except when you’re promoting a scam in exchange for a quick buck.

That’s what the sites promoting Greatsun Financial scam are doing.

So basically the supposedly genuine financial service that is Greatsun Financial is bragging about how banks have expressed interested to buy a stake from the company.

All of these stories are fake as you’ll quickly discover that the stories are published in some of the fake news sites yet unverified.

When you decide to invest (obviously after seeing these news items), a phony employee of Greatsun Financial will tell you how to make the investment.

They’ll provide you with very convincing set of documents.

Since these scammers want more of your money, they’ll push you to re-invest (once you’ve sent in the first check) by coming up with stories.

Usually they’ll say your investment has done better than expected and at the same time, the phony employee of Greatsun Financial scam will suggest that a company they intend to invest on is about to go public.

Obviously the next step would be to Google the company and you’ll actually see that this company exists and seems perfectly legal.’

The problem is that this company does not exist. It is just one of their own creations where they buy news space and promote the imaginary company.

Soon afterwards, they’ll come up with another storyline informing you that your investment needs “totally refundable security bond“.

If not, they’ll want you to invest more citing reasons to do with a huge investment opportunity that requires you to get into corporate block agreement.

These scumbags are willing to use all kinds of stories they can think of in order to get you investing more money.

When you decline, you’ll be threatened.

If you agree, it will be a wash, rinse and repeat affair where the scam Greatsun Financial keeps telling you to invest more…. each time using different stories.


Great Sun Financial is an obvious investment scam.

You might want to show them this review if they happen to approach you.

If that’s the case, they’ll quickly retaliate by saying: “Do you want to believe in some angry blogger who lost money while trading the stock market?”

They basically dismiss anything to do with truthful and transparent Greatsun Financial reviews from people who understand the game being played.

However, this scam operates a little bit different from scams like Forex92, Ladyf Trader and West Capital Trading.

But the bottom line is still the bottom line. All of them intend to snatch your hard earned money.

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