Review: An Asset Management Scam

Graspups is fooling investors that it is providing a secure, reliable digital asset trading and management platform. The scam site is raising curiosity by pretending to serve millions of users across 130 countries. Fortunately, we can smell the scam and even the community has said that we should keep this list of investment opportunities lean and smart.

Beware! These kinds of sites are dangerous to your financial wellbeing. Graspups is just using good marketing language to make them look legitimate. But are they truly legit? Not at all, and losing money to these investment scams is painful. Now you can RECOVER YOUR LOST FUNDS by following these instructions.

Who are Graspups?

They are a bunch of silly people whose lives depend on quick dirty money. If you stop funding them, they will not run the business, and we will see fewer cases of such scams on the internet.

Graspups promises ‘financial security’ and claims that it is a global platform. Their marketing materials also claim they are filtering out 80% of high risk projects but are not telling us how they are able to achieve this.

Graspups is touting a trading platform with secure transactions but we actually signed up and saw that they are not using any extra ordinary security measures.

This site also appears to be outdated and abandoned. It is just live on the internet for purposes of collecting deposits from victims. It is a cash cow for the anonymous owners who are always hoping that a stupid investor will deposit something.

We also suspect that the owners of Graspups are actually Chinese people because the site actually has some parts in Chinese language.

Your money is not safe with Graspups

You should know that this platform is not licensed and therefore chances of losing your funds are 100% likely. We have warned investors in our previous Envestio review that such sites will just steal your deposit and block your account.

Your money is not safe inside such a trading platform. In addition to this, the broker is actually offering an illegal investment service.

We urge you to avoid such unlicensed investment platforms as they will ruin you financially (assuming you do not want to pursue your lost money).

What can you do to recover your money?

You have seen that we included red links in this review for people who have lost money and are looking to recover what they’ve lost.

If your loss is big and you just want your money back after getting cheated by these crooks, we urge you to use the red box in the beginning of this review. You can also use the live chat to present your case to a reputable money recovery agency.

You will thank us later for helping you recover what you thought was lost.

The Conclusion

Graspups is a funny name to start with. It was probably created by a funny man who turned into a crook to fund his expensive habits.

Clearly you don’t want to ‘invest’ in such a platform because they will definitely frustrate you. We have been there and we know it very well.

We therefore urge you in this review to avoid such scams.