GPBots Review: My take on Scam

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On 27th, September 2023, I visited a website called

They say if I sign up, I’ll be given a chance to earn 1% daily ROI from Bitcoin arbitrage trading. I will also be awarded bonuses as I climb up the matrix.

Unfortunately the link to the registeration page is dead or at least not working at the moment.

What I’ll give you now is my opinion about GPBots based on the experience I have had with ponzi schemes that say revenue is generated from trading.

Is this a real earning opportunity or just another scam?

GPBots review

I believe GPBots is offering a multi-level marketing platform which they’ve coined as a Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading opportunity.

I asked their support how this was supposed to work and their response was this:

GPBots analyzes pricing on various Crypto exchanges and exploits the price difference by purchasing at low prices and selling at higher prices.

From what I can see, the GPBots is a program that is hosted on the website of this vendor. So no downloads are required . Your computer malware program won’t have to deal with a nasty virus like in the case where we attempted to download a trading software from TradeCryptoMasters.

It connects with the alleged Crypto exchanges through an API.

Cryptoexchange api

The website further claimed that their operation is safe since they’ve already determined the profitability of the platform even before they launched.

In other words, they’re saying that GPBots has been making profits for some time now.

I asked them how I can view the profit and loss statement but this is also where we hit a snag. The guys were not able to show me evidence of the robot’s profitability.

The truth about

Instead of saying that this is an MLM platform which needs your deposit to pay those who joined earlier, the website says we buy a license for their abitrage bots.

Their licenses start at $20 and there are also various levels in the MLM ladder.

But why exactly do people need to pay for licenses when this robot is trading and already making money for the owners of

Also, if this is a genuine sale of a Crypto trading robot license, why is the need to join a pyramid scheme kind of structure?

I’ve used trading robots before and what I know is that whenever you purchase a license, you will be given a link to download the product to your computer.

Or sometimes they can also give you special access to the platform via their website. Joining a pyramid structure in disguise of purchasing a Crypto trading robot is never one of the options.

My recommendation

The owner of should come clean about his hidden operations on the website instead of bitting around the bush.

I’ve not seen evidence of this Crypto trading bot generating profits for the members of the matrix scheme.

The 1% daily ROI was too unrealistic for me. It sounded like fairy tale.

The registration link is not working but this may be a temporary problem.

My advise is that you should not sign up for this opportunity. The owner of is not for real.

If you want to trade Crypto, learn trading, practice on a demo account and sign up with a respectable Crypto exchange.

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