GP Capital Group Review

GP Capital Group Inc is an AG-tech investing business operating from Oklahoma and California. They’re promising investors up to 20% annual returns.

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GP Capital Group was incorporated in 2018 and they have a total of 4 employees across all their locations.

The company’s president is Marc Kaplan, and they also recently added a new agent called NATALIE RUSSELL.

This company develops “pod farms” within Oklahoma and California respectively.

They say that the pod farms offer “high yield investing opportunities” with asset-backed protection.

In 5 years of investing in the “pod farms”, GP Capital Group Inc predicts that investors will get a payoff of $150,000.

The minimum deposit required by the company to join the “high yield” investing opportunity is $100,000.

To submit inquires, interested investors can contact the company through their website or call (951) 407-9442 for more information.

Is GP Capital Group legit?

It’s quite difficult to answer this question right away without first considering some factors.

gp capital group review
GP Capital Group

The company’s claim to fame is that Agriculture tech sector is growing tremendously in the US.

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It brings $3 trillion dollars in the US annually and out of this amount, $150 billion is reaped in profits.

The company also believes that since they’re developing pod farms, their investment opportunity is asset-backed, IRA qualified, 100% tax deductible with buy-back option.

GP Capital Group is basically giving investors an opportunity to exit the opportunity when they want to.

With respect to the idea behind this company, I can say that it is legit.

However, with regards to the fact that the company is offering a financial service and they’re not regulated, one can choose to look at it from a different angle.

Should you invest with GP Capital Group?

This kind of investing is risky especially now that the company requires a minimum investment of $100,000.

Ask yourself whether you’re willing to lose the money. Every investment opportunity comes with a risk.

And if you cannot fathom the idea of losing whole or a portion of this money, then investing with this company is the wrong idea.

Also, we should consider the fact that the company is offering an investing opportunity without a regulator’s license.


You must visit their locations and find out if indeed they own “pod farms”.

Otherwise, you will be sending money to a ponzi scheme.

You must also look at their business plan and see whether it makes sense.

And of course don’t rely on industry statistics fully (I even don’t know where these statistics were sourced from).

Nevertheless, numbers can change and they do not guarantee that you will earn a return.

The projections on the GP Capital Group website are for attracting investors. The income is not to be guaranteed.

You should consider investing in the currency markets maybe, and there are a suite of tools that can help you become successful if you choose this path.

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  1. Russell Iorg says:

    Thank you for your research they offered this to me but I can’t loose a hundred thousand dk u have any other suggestions to make some good returns of 10 to 15%

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