Review: 200% in 24hour Scam

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Do you want to expose a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad actors. is a new website where investors can multiply their deposits to 200% in 24 hours.

Even the best Gold traders out there can only provide up to 20% monthly returns.

GoldTrust is currently running a YouTube channel where they’ve posted one video only and a Telegram channel known as Gold Trust Investment HK. does not provide information about who owns or runs the business. In fact, lack of transparency is the greatest problem here.

They claim that Forex trading is the reigning King. This is to suggest that their business is involved in trading of Forex.

Due to ridiculous revenue claims that has made on their website, we feel a bit skeptical about the legitimacy of their service.

Even when they claim to operate out of Canada, this claim does not convince us because HYIPs are known to use false virtual addresses.

So in this review, we will let you know whether or not this is a scam. review

The website consists of a few sections that provide general information about Forex trading, last transaction list, “advantages” of joining GoldTrust and “investment packages”.

Currently this website is providing 3 packages and promising returns as follows:

200% in 24 hour for minimum deposit of $0.1 (this amount makes no sense)

700% in 48 hours for minimum deposit of $750

9900% in 96 hours for minimum deposit of $2500

Obviously these returns make no sense. Even the smartest financial managers and hedge funds don’t attain these returns.

Therefore, must be a HYIP because it has the hallmark of a HYIP for that matter.

If they manufacture millions of dollars in a fortnight, we do not see the reason for beginning people on the internet to sign up.

Furthermore, this is definitely not Forex trading. Income from Forex trading are typically not as big as 200% returns in 1 day.

This website is not regulated either

They claim to be based in Canada and in that sense, we expect to see their license as issued by the The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).

The problem is that GoldTrust is announcing ROIs but not telling us whether or not they are regulated.

You should avoid sites that offer financial products or services but are not licensed to do so.

Is a scam?

Anyone who claims that they’ll double your deposit in a few hours is a scammer.

We see this pattern on this website. So there is no way we cannot say this is not a scam.

The reason they provide a list of fake deposit transactions is to deceive investors into believing that others are “investing” with the site.

So far, this website has not proved that they trade Forex.

They do not have a trading statement or at least a myfxbook account where we can see their alleged performance.

Therefore, the only income they are talking about is from new member deposit.

This reduces to a HYIP and a pyramid scheme just like Cexexpertoptions.

This is the fraudulent part of the scheme. The thief accepts your deposits on the promise that he’ll double it which will never happen.

They might payout some “profits” initially to gain your confidence but this is not always the case unless the victim is extremely lucky.


The returns announced by this website are staggering and nonsensical.

So why would anyone believe them in the first place?

If they are good at creating wealth by trading, I’m sure the admins would be trading for themselves instead of soliciting money from others on the internet.

The bottom line is that this website is run by a thief and the problem is that greedy people will still fall into the trap.

For the financially complicated, this must be avoided at all cost.

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