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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is a website operated by Gold Pro, LLC. The business is run by Mike White and his wife and are operating it out of Texas.

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Are you looking for a good investment platform or Forex broker? Here is a list of brokers and investment platforms we recommend for your financial success.’s main line of business is to help people buy and sell gold, and they promise to make the experience as smooth as possible.

The company is supposedly comitted to building and maintaining their relationship with clients.

They promise to pick the best precious metals for their clients in addition to claiming that they stand for committment, safety and security.

Actually Goldpro says that their precious metals are graded by PCGS or NGC. In reality, we cannot verify these claims.

To attract investors, GoldPro also claims that they offer a ‘buy-back’ program for investors who make purchases and would like to sell back.

Even though the owner chose the name in the domain, they’re actually dealing with all kinds of precious metals and coins.

The question is whether or not you should trust this website with your hard-earned money.

Do they actually sell pure Gold as they claim or is this a marketing gimmick? review: their marketing is suspicious

The website claims to have the best prices in market. However, we all know that the best quality of Gold or any other precious metal cannot be found at an ‘affordable price’. Nothing like this exists in the world.

As we write this review, the company is currently running a sale where they entice investors to make purchases worth $50,000 and above.

The sale is supposedly ending in the next 10 hours. In reality, this is just one of the marketing gimmicks that the company uses to entice you to make a huge purchase.

They know that if they announce discounts of $1,000 and above, many people will make irrational purchase decisions just to ‘enjoy the discount’.

They also claim to be the ‘most trusted name in precious metals’.

This is a self-proclamation because currently there are many big players in the industry and certainly can’t be the best or the biggest or the most trusted as claimed on the sales page.

Other than the website posting reviews everywhere on the homepage, they also highlight US national debt statistics.

This is a trick that they use to pressure you into Gold or precious metal investing even when you may not be ready to make huge purchases just yet.

It is known as pressure sales tactics.

Goldpro and the dirty side of the business (we’re afraid it could turn out to be a scam)

Wheres there are a couple of positive reviews here and there about this company, we don’t want you to be utterly ignorant about the negative reviews which the company is working day and night to hide from you.

One of the complaints that we came across concerning GoldPro is that a client ordered and paid for Gold but they refused to send the shipment to the client.

The victim stated that this Gold was ordered in September 2020. Now we are in 2022. No response is coming from the owner or the company just yet.

Digging deeper into the dirt that this company does not want you to know, we also found out that there are currently several impending lawsuits and judgements for over $100,000.

The nature or complaints against this company in those lawsuits have not been disclosed and the owner had not bothered to defend himself in any way.

As a matter of fact, this case has also reached the FBI desk and the authorities say it is a civil matter.

Now, if Mike White was a good person that cares about his clients as claimed on the GoldPro website, why would he refuse to settle this matter with his clients?

The Conclusion

Whereas the positive reviews that appear on platforms like Trustpilot are encouraging, we ask you to exercise caution when it comes to purchasing precious metals at GoldPro.

If the accusations are real, we expect Mike White (the alleged owner) to come out and dispell the ‘rumors’ if indeed they are rumors.

We normally say that there is never smoke when there is no fire. So take this warning seriously and never throw your money just about anywhere on the internet.

And we all know that Gold trading is more profitable than actually holding the physical gold. You can get started investing in Gold by going to this page and picking the relevant service.

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  1. Be very careful using GoldPro.
    GoldPro took my money 2 months ago in early July 2022 and has not shipped. No one returns call or emails. I have reported them to the FBI.

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