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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. masquarades as a legitimate “international online store for purchasing and selling of Gold”. Goldenway world is supposedly dealing with Gold that is certified by the London Precious Metals Market (LMBA). Unfortunately, we’re unable to verify this claim because the company’s website is actually full of lies and multiple red flags. As a matter of fact, you can RECOVER LOST MONEY by following this guide. Don’t let a scammer have a field day. 

Now, truth is you can’t make any money with this site because it’s a ponzi scheme. Legitimate trading of precious metals begin by investing in proper trading tools and opening an account with a broker that will not cheat you.

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The first red flag is that was privately registered in June 2021. The website is tied to an entity called G W C PRECIOUS METAL L.L.C. Company documents on the Goldenway world website suggests that the incorporation happened in Dubai. According to those documents, the incorporation status of G W C Precious Metal L.L.C will lapse in August 2022. This begs the question of whether investors whose money is tied up in the Goldenway world will lose their money if the company shuts down. Review: This is a Gold investment scam does not show any signs of closing shop. Their website is quite vibrant. Even the most financially intelligent consumer would be easily fooled into thinking that this is real gold investment.

The company promises the future by “guaranteeing stability and reliability”.

The lie is that this company’s main activities is in trading 999.9 fine gold bars.

They want investors to know that believes in Gold and stands for care, honesty, respect, faith and consistency. The sales material relies in spreading fear and pressurizing investors into making irrational decisions. They’re telling investors that Gold is infallible. Just like Dacxi coin scam, this website is taking sophistication to another level. website is even providing us with statistics which we cannot verify. They tell investors how much Gold they have in stock, what quantity has been sold and the number of customers that have signed up.

Unfortunately, the phony nature of this website assures you that the company does not have any good intentions for you. They can close down anytime and do a runner with your money. pyramid scheme

This company is actually thriving in the multi-level business environment. Affiliates are called “leaders”.

It appears that the scam is very popular in Algeria as their “leaders” page is showing faces of people who are allegedly from this country.

These people have been profiled with their names, telephone numbers and email address. This is obviously a breach of privacy and confidentiality.

But on the other hand, the scammers don’t care much since these people probably form the top structure of the pyramid scheme. Your membership into Goldenway world is right in their downline.

The more money you generate for the business, the higher you’ll move up the ranks. The highest affiliate rank is called King Diamond. You qualify for this rank when you have generated at least €150,000,000 EUR in investment volume for the company. This is ideally money that is coming from your downlines.

Now, participation into this Gold pyramid scheme requires a minimum deposit of 50 EUR. Payouts can be done on a weekly basis or annually.

Investors who choose to be paid annually will earn 530.4% every 12 months for 2 years.

Remember that the incorporation status of Goldenway World will lapse in August of 2022. It is therefore not clear whether this website will still continue doing business thereafter.

Owners of Goldenway world and what they don’t want you to know

The facebook page of this company is managed from Ukraine. It is only followed by 728 while the company claims to have registered 148,650 members.

On the other hand, their incorporation details reveal that someone called Olesia Galusha is the manager of the company. Mr. Galusha is from Ukraine but company is allegedly in Dubai.

“Licensed partners” also include Shuraa Turnkey Projects LLC. However, this appears to be nothing more than a shell company. They too are allegedly incorporated in Dubai.

The company has a YouTube channel and on September 2019, they posted their first video showing their office opening event in Dubai.

The people opening this office were basically actors who were paid to appear on the video. Back then, they were fronting a Russian lady as the person running the affairs of the company.

This video raises red flags because the lady features nowhere in their company incorporation records. Instead, they mention the name of the Manager.

Currently, the company is using different people to represent the entity’s spokespersons. This is a futile effort to conceal the real faces of the fraudsters behind

The Conclusion

As with any pyramid scheme, success depends on how much revenue is being injected by the downlines.

As soon as the number of new recruits start to dwindle, the company will experience payment problems.

At this point, they can decide to close shop and run away with their investors’ money.

At the moment, does not provide any proof of trading Gold. It is safe to assume that there is no gold involved.

Thanks for reading this review. If you want to really trade Gold, you should look at these trading resources for Forex, Crypto and precious metals like Gold and Silver.

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