Review: It’s a Scam

Golden Investment brokers, whose website can be found at is pretending to help investors earn from alternative asset investing like Cryptocurrencies. The marketing materials on this site claim that Golden Investment Brokers is using indicators and analysis tools to develop strategies and also to automate investing on behalf of their clients.

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In addition to this, is claiming that it is working with 9,000 traders from across the globe and that users can also buy, sell and invest in Cryptocurrencies using the Golden Investment Brokers platform. The truth is that this website is telling lies and cannot be trusted as it shows all the red flags that are usually associated with ponzi schemes. For that reason, we were unable to include it in our list of the best trading and investing platforms for beginners and advanced investors.

Golden Investment Brokers Review: The stocking details

Before we write a review, we always want to sign up and test the platform in question.

This is exactly what we did when writing this review and we found out that Goldeninvestmentbrokers is actually a scam as it does not provide the kind of services it claims to offer.

For instance, the website says they will offer you their platform’s prepaid card and also use automated bots for trading and increasing your returns.

There is no evidence that these guys are using a trading bot of any kind to trade and increase your profits.

The furthest that this platform can go with its lies is to use a generic script with a live market chat to deceive you that they’re investing in Cryptocurrencies and other assets when the truth is they are not participating in any kind of trading.

Once you have signed up, you will find a dashboard that requires an investor to deposit some money (minimum is $500) before they can purchase one of the 3 investment plans.

From here, we do not know how our deposit will be used to generate the said returns.

As a matter of fact, the site does not provide proof of trading or investing in the money market. They just want us to trust them blindly and believe that returns will come from trading which will then be distributed to their clients’ accounts.

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Golden Investment Brokers is not licensed

These guys do not have any financial license, despite proclaiming to provide investment activities with a promise to give returns.

According to the financial laws of most countries around the world, investment managers or companies are required to obtain a financial license before they can manage funds for clients.

This is not the case with Golden Investment brokers. With no financial license, we are at risk of losing our money with no recourse.

Furthermore, you can see clearly that the website does not give the correct details of owners or even the physical address of these owners.

We also don’t know whether Golden Investment Brokers is a company or just a website owned and operated by a few individuals.

These concerns are the reason a site like this cannot be issued with a financial license.

What to do if you have lost funds to Golden Investment Brokers

You will need to commence the process of claiming back your lost funds, which can be achieved by filling in the form in this review or utilizing the chargeback verification chat at the bottom of this webpage.

A professional will always get back to you and if you agree, they will do free consultation, letting you know whether or not you can qualify for a chargeback.

Do not worry because 99% of victims who follow these steps often get their money back.

The Conclusion is a scam investment platform that wants to steal from you. Just like My First Plant ponzi scheme, the crooks may or may not pay ‘profits’ depending with how deposits flow into their bank accounts.

The math behind a ponzi scheme will always guarantee its downfall at some point and when this happens, many investors lose money in the process.

We do not want you to lose money so avoid Goldeninvestmentbrokers and if you have already deposited a huge sum of money, you should truly consider reclaiming it using the chargeback application process which we highlighted above.

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