Gold Trading Academy Review: Scam at

Welcome to the Gold Trading Academy review. Gold Trading Academy is a website selling “secrets” on how to trade Gold for a fortune.

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In addition to this, the owner posts videos on YouTube about his alleged profits on a daily basis. Of course the authenticity of the profits cannot be verified.

The videos are open to the public meaning that both subscribers and those who have not subscribed can watch them.

In those videos, the owner of Gold Trading Academy is proclaiming abnormal daily profits and also insinuating that his Gold trading strategies are a get-rich-quick method of trading Gold, Silver, Oil, Emini S&P, Mini-Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russell 2000 and even Forex.

Gold Trading Academy review

Gold Trading Academy is run by someone referred in the “reviews” section as “David”.

Students wanting to learn the “secrets” of trading futures can contact him through

Before you can do so, we need you to read our Gold Training Academy review because to determine whether this is a viable or raw deal…. probably a scam!

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Gold Trading Academy review

When visiting the website at first, we thought it was a ponzi scheme of some sort.

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The pictures, the colors and the theme in general invokes a sense of wealth. This is called color psychology.

Other than the videos of alleged profits and pictures of Gold items posted on the homepage, there isn’t much to look into.

Gold Trading Academy is actually operating like a trading school which also runs a live trading room.

They have dubbed their Gold trading secrets as “code 1, code 2 and code 3” respectively.

The following is a breakdown of what these courses and “secrets” are all about:

Code 1: Teaches how to enter, exit and maximize profit on trades plus a bunch of other “secrets”

Code 2: Owner of Gold Trading Academy teaches a “gigantic secret” of what they learned from code 2.

They also want to teach you fortune trading and opening your eyes to a new world you never thought existed. 

Code 3: In this trading course, the vendor claims to teach yet another “gigantic secret” he had not discovered when he started teaching it.

And of course this charlatan also wants to sell you his “master class”.

Basically, this is an up-sell program where after you take the first course, you’ll be sold the second and the third and eventually the “master class”.

The owner of Gold Trading Academy even proclaims that you can sit at home and make more money in 15 minutes than most people do in a week.

They even claim that with their trading academy, you can turn Gold into money and money into Gold. This is total hogwash!

Each “secret” is being sold for $500. This money is paid through PayPal.

At the end of the day, you will spend close to $2,000 on a “Gold trading secret”. Will you become rich like “Mr. David” claims?

The answer is No!

Who is Mr. David of Gold Trading Academy?

There’s no information about this guy anywhere on his website.

The only thing he wants you to believe is that he has a “Gold Trading secret” which he wants to impart to you at $500 per course.

He proclaims to have found a secret that will give you an advantage in the Gold market.

These statements sound gimmicky in nature. They cannot be backed by any proof of performance.

What is strange is the fact that our Mr. David is completely anonymous.

According to, this website has been around since 2010. This shows that this website has been around for quite a long time.

But this does not necessary mean that they have a reputation. In fact, David is not even a professional trader.

We asked about his third party verified trading performance and he could not provide any.

Considering how he markets his Gold Trading nonsense on the website, it was only fair to ask him for proof that his “secret” works and we were quite disappointed.


Gold Trading Academy is a get rich quick scheme by a clever marketer who wants you to believe you can make a lot of money with his trading secrets.

To me, he doesn’t sound realistic and lack of personal trading performance raises eyebrows.

The videos he posts about his alleged profits on YouTube don’t say much especially to someone who would like to authenticate the claims.

They are purely for marketing purposes and to show you that his system works.

We conclude that this guy is a cheat and a charlatan who prey on the financially ignorant. There’s nothing special about the trading techniques he claims to teach. There’s no secret here at all.

The only secret that is there is that Mr. David does not want you to know that he really needs your $500 to make ends meet. So how can be convince you that he is rich because he trades gold?

Your wallet is his gold. Period!

Thanks for reading our review. We hope you learned something. We of course expect feedback from you too.

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