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Our investigative team have discovered scam and we’re warning traders against signing up and trusting the broker with deposits.

Professional traders use these recommended trading services to attain success but the best way to deal with scammers is to reclaim your money by all means.

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At this point, we’re 100% convinced that is just looking to steal your deposit and has no interest of helping you succeed in the financial markets whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, the broker has stolen from many traders and investors since entering the industry in December 2012. Their reviews and reputation in general is not good.

Globalswisspro Review

The platform operates like a regular Forex broker. They provide a lot of tradeable instruments on platforms like WebTerminal.

The broker is also suggesting that they offer asset management services.

Their marketing language suggests that Globalswisspro is regulated and will keep our money in tier 1 banks.

With this type of language, first-timers are likely to trust the wrong company with their hard-earned money. They’re likely to sign up and deposit hoping that their trading will be successful.

Unfortunately, this would be the beginning of the victim’s financial stress. This is why we warn you that it is not all that rosy as this scam is only here to lure you using A-class marketing language.

Who are

Their contact page discloses that this broker is owned and operated by a Switzerland registered entity called Swiss Global Asset Management AG.

They further claim that Globalswisspro is regulated by the ARIF which is an organization approved by FINMA.

Actually, good Swiss Forex brokers are directly regulated by the FINMA and there is never talks about ARIF.

This is just a ploy to steal your attention and prevent you from asking the tough questions like why the company does not have a FINMA regulatory license.

In short, Globalswisspro is not a regulated Forex broker. It is going to be a dangerous thing investing with such crooks. You need to keep off such brokers as this will you financially.

How the scam is working day and night to steal from victims

When you contact Globalswisspro, they will need your email and phone number. We do not know for what purpose they want your phone number since an email address is sufficient for your communications.

One thing with these offshore brokers is that they are masters of cold calling. They run sophisticated boiler room scams enlisting the help of expert salesmen and women on the phone.

They also lure unsuspecting victims from online dating sites and also on social media platforms. The victim is always a male person and the trickster is always a female person that will often use romance to get your money.

Once you have been led to make a successful deposit, they can still call you to ask for more deposits. They often tell you that your account has grown big and if you want more financial freedom you should deposit more money.

A broker like Globalswisspro is high risk because apart from enticing more deposits, they can ask you to send them money before they can ‘release your payout’. This is a classic scam tactic.

The Conclusion

Avoid Globalswisspro because they are not a reliable Forex broker. They won’t give you peace of mind because their aim is to steal your investments.

If you would like to invest, you must start with a professional Forex broker and then you should consider using a signals service.

If you lost money to the scam, click the red box below to recover it immediately.

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