Review: a List of Scams is promoting itself as a premier online resource for online investment companies.

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The website is also promoting risk management and advisory services which are not regulated by any financial watchdog.

In fact, is also admitting that they are marketing on behalf of HYIPs.

It is like a directory where all kinds of HYIPs can be found. You can’t possibly make money from the websites which are being promoted here.

If you want to trade the financial markets, check these recommended products and services but don’t consider using HYIPs such as the ones promoted by

The website is currently promoting the following dirty investment opportunities which will cause massive losses to investors: review…. 8.2% to 17.8% daily returns…..1100% return on investment…. (a phishing website where your password could be stolen).….. 500% returns plus principle

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9.….. 500% in 48 hours Review is definitely promoting a list of unregulated, scam investment websites.

Each one of the websites above are swindling their victims by first making them believe that their funds will be invested in the financial markets.

Obviously the kind of returns which they announce in those websites are not making any sense.

In fact, if you have being trading or investing in the financial markets, you realize that these returns are impossible to achieve.

Yet is recommending those sites for those who want to invest.

Clearly is also a scam.

Why payment is only in Payeer and Bitcoin

Clearly the sites that are being promoted above are a scam with no form of regulations to keep them on toes.

This is why payment is only being accepted in Payeer and Bitcoin methods.

These methods are preferred by scammers over others because victims can’t process chargebacks.

This is how the scam investment websites are collecting money because they feel safe using these methods.

Of course not all sites that collect payment in Payeer and Bitcoin are a scam. However, for the list above, there is enough evidence that the sites are a scam and are just using the most preferred payment methods that fraudsters like.


This review was bound to be short but the main point is that none of the websites being promoted above are generating returns for real.

They are only paying out from new member deposits. Keep in mind that owners of HYIPs will usually keep the lion’s share even if they decide to close down and run away with the money.

Our appeal is that you should probably not waste your time on these kind of sites.

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