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Global FX Trading Review: Legit or Scam?

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Global FX Trading provides Forex training which covers technical and fundamental aspects of trading.

While learning requires time and dedication, a good trading educator with proven track record will provide trading signals to help you make money at the same time.

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For a hands-off trading experience, perhaps managed trading accounts are the best.

Now, Global FX Trading is operating from the UK and claiming that they’ve helped 1000s of students worldwide become consistently profitable traders.

This is a plausible statement considering that the website does not receive any significant traffic.

In addition to this, the service has been around since February 2019.

Obviously they can’t compete with some of the most established trading educators out there.

Also, the owners of this trading school are unknown. The about us page of Global FX Trading claims that they are a team with 10 years of experience.

They claim that they’ve worked alongside professionals, tested and applied their strategies in the market with success.

Global FX Trading review

This statement implies that these guys are professional traders.

With that at the back of our mind, we’ll be expecting to discuss the performance record of Global FX Trading at some point in this review.

Global FX Trading review

The company wants to help traders achieve their goal by turning them into consistently profitable traders.

They provide two types of Forex courses. The first one is a 3 day 1-on-1 course which covers price action, fundamental trading strategies, money management and trading psychology.

The cost of this 1-on-1 course is £999.

The second course that this trading educator offers is an online course which is available 24/7 on the internet.

It is suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics and advanced Forex trading.

The cost of this course is £499.

In addition to this, Global FX Trading hosts weekly webinars to discuss trading opportunities in the market.

Whereas this service offers two different types of courses, they’ve not told us why a trader should choose either of the courses.

If all the courses teach advanced trading knowledge at some point, then it would be much cheaper to go with the £499 than the one they charge £999 for.

We also think this trading school is expensive considering that most professional Forex education providers charge much less.

The vendor will need to come up with genuine reasons why they believe their education is worth this much.

We just don’t want to rely on hope and promises to make a purchase decision.

Global FX Trading trading results and team background

Global FX Trading claims that they are a team of successful traders with 10 years of experience.

If this is the case, we expect them to have a track record which can easily be accessed on their website.

First of all, we don’t understand why their website was created in 2019 when they have been trading and enjoying success for 10 years.

Why do they want to “help us” attain consistency now?

The devil is in the details and if we want further assurance, the best place to start is to consider asking them their trading statement even if it’s for 3 months only.

Global FX Trading has not posted links to their myfxbook as any successful trading educator would.

So we actually aren’t sure how we’re supposed to believe their story or even figure out whether these strategies work.

We only recommend trading educators who can produce proof of their success in the Forex market.

This is the only way to be confident that we’re getting what we’re paying for.

Customer feedback

There are no reviews of this company anywhere on the internet.

All of a sudden, the alleged 1000s of students who passed through this school are now ghosts.

They don’t leave feedback anywhere on the internet

This is consistent with our suspicion that the trading school is actually lying about the number of clients who purchased their trading education.


We don’t find any valid reasons as to why one should sign up for a Global FX Trading education course.

Furthermore, their price tag is too high yet they do not have proof that their strategies work.

There is no verifiable social proof too that this trading school is run by successful professional traders.

With many promises but zero track record to back them up, we can easily conclude that this website is probably run by charlatans, not real professional Forex traders.

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