Global Capital Market ( Review: Scam —Warning

Global Capital Market is a Forex and CFDs broker operating from the website The broker is based out of Malaysia and has been in operation since November 2019. The entity that runs is called GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKET Limited. It’s allegedly authorized by Lubuan Financial Services Authority. The broker’s website states that they have offices in Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul and Delhi, which gives them the impression of being a truly global broker. Unfortunately, we still have a few issues against them, which is the basis for not including the company in our list of recommended Forex brokers to trade with.

Global Capital Market ( review

Global Capital Market promises no hidden fees, quick execution and market-driven spreads. They believe that these benefits set them apart from other brokers in the market.

The issue is that a Forex broker must demonstrate it based on how they meet the needs of consumers and what those clients are saying regarding the service.

Global Capital Market currently does not have any customer feedback, which is a strange thing considering that they’re presenting themselves as a company with a global scale of operation.

Global Capital Market trading software, spreads and instruments is providing MT4 trading software. MT4 software comes with a set of indicators, analytics tools and charting features. A good Forex education platform will help you quickly make sense of everything that’s going on in this trading platform. You can also use Forex signals if learning is not for you.

The broker offers CFDs on futures with some instruments not attracting swap. These include oil, gas, coffee and many others.

Global Capital Market claims they offer deep liquidity as well as reduced spreads. These promises are easier said than done. If a broker is greedy (most of them are), they will not give you favorable spreads no matter how aggressive their promises are.

We have no idea what the current live spreads are on this platform since does not publish live spreads on their website.

However, we can confirm that the broker is offering a large number of tradeable instruments. There is no shortage of what you can trade on their platform.

What we don’t like about

They are registered by the Lubuan financial services regulator but the physical address on the regulator’s database is different from what we have on the website.

This disparity in the company’s physical address may be a careless mistake or something that is purposely done to confuse traders.

Even if there’s nothing fishy here, we still feel that the Global Capital Market is operating out of a region where financial regulations are not very strong.

Unlike brokers in the USA, Europe and Australia, Malaysian brokers who don’t adhere to regulatory requirements are most likely not suffering any consequences.

Majority of traders may also consider this broker to be an offshore company. We know that most offshore brokers are not 100% trustworthy.

The conclusion

We’d be happy to see some feedback from their customers. It appears that does not have many clients at the moment.

This makes it difficult to come to a conclusion since it’s not possible to tell whether their traders are happy with the service or not.

We’re therefore seated on the fence as we can’t risk recommending a broker that has not garnered any ratings.