Review: Scam or Real Indicators?, also known as AI Signals, is a website that sells TradingView scripts. The website has 4 options to purchase from and claims that traders can make their initial investment back in 1 trade.

For starters, this is a marketing declaration and nothing to take serious. This vendor can’t be included in our list of the most popular trading systems yet.

Other than this, the author of these trading scripts believes that their AI Signal indicators are consistently profitable across all financial markets.

It seems the only difference between their cheapest and most expensive packages lie in access to their YouTube channel where they explain how to use their scripts for maximum profit. also sells a trading indicator called Oscillator. Remember that this indicator can be found on any decent charting software like MT4 and TradingView for free.

According to, their scripts produce automatic alerts with precise timing. The vendor will also provide free automatic updates with every plan.

They’ve also posted a few video guides to supposedly help traders with the setup process. These video guides are all over the vendor’s website.

In addition to this, sales page feels like it’s selling a collection of automated trading indicators but using clever sales language to create the illusion that their products are more than just indicators.

The question is whether can provide proof of their trading using the same indicators which they sell to consumers. review: the 4 options

The vendor is providing 4 different trading indicator packages for consumers who are willing to purchase their products.

Getaisignals is selling their products on a subscription basis: the fees are as follows

1.AI Signals…..$59.97 monthly

2.AI Signals+AI Oscillator …. $99.97

3.AI Signals Gold + AI Oscillator

4.AI Signals Platinum + AI Oscillator

The first option (AI Signals) is the basic TradingView script. There’s not enough information concerning AI Script except that we are going to get the “original AI Signals script” for you.

The second option comes with AI Signals plus Oscillator script. According to, this package allows traders to spot “hidden signals based on volume and momentum.”

Therefore, the price tag is higher than the basic option due to this supposed advantage,

The other two options provided by (AI Signals Gold +AI Oscillator) and (AI Signals Platinum +AI Oscillator) are for consumers who want more than just signals.

The vendor would like to provide these consumers with a helping hand for executing trades that bring maximum profit.

The reason traders will pay more for these two offers is because believes the additional scripts ( Channel Balance and Diversion Output and auto trend lines feature) can help achieve even more profit.

That said, we’d like to find out whether Getaisignals is using their own indicators to make the profits which they announce on their sales page.

Trading performance of

First of all, the vendor did not introduce the names of their traders and programmers. These guys did not disclose their location either, which is so crucial when it comes to building their trust towards consumers.

For this reason, the vendor can’t compete with some of the most established authors of trading systems on the internet.

Furthermore, we’re more interested in the results of their trading activities. However, going through the Getaisignals website, there’s no indication that the authors are using their products to trade the financial markets.

In fact, there’s no evidence that the vendor is a professional trader. This leaves us with more questions than answers.

If they are producing really good trading scripts, why do they find it convenient to sell rather than use them for their own trading activities?

I would not want to trust a vendor like this if they can’t show me what they’ve done with their products so far.

The Conclusion

While is not necessarily a scam, there’s no reason to compel serious traders to use their products.

I would prefer that this vendor uses a statement sharing platform like myfxbook rather than tell us how good their products are on their sales page with zero evidence of their profitability.

There’s a 14 day trial for skeptics like me. Nevertheless, those who have traded for sometime know that consistency of a strategy can only be tested over a long period of time, typically 6 months.

14 days is a very short time. In addition to this, the vendor scores poorly in terms of transparency. If they can’t introduce their traders, why would we believe that they can produce trading indicators that are not like the ones found on the TradingView platform for free?

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this vendor’s indicators at this time until I can see a more transparent approach where long-term trading results are involved.

If you have meaningful feedback, kindly share it with us as well.