FZoption Review: fzoption.com a big Scam

FZoption is a platform that was created to prey on the financially naïve just like Vnnex investment platform that does not return any money once they steal it.

FZoption.com is allegedly offering Forex, Crypto and Binary options trading opportunity with the promise that investors will attain financial freedom.

The company is also encouraging investors to use high leverage (100X) in order to “magnify” profits.

The minimum deposit that one can place on the FZoption is $2,000.

Their website looks beautiful and convincing. So it won’t be a surprise that some gullible investors will still fall for their dirty tricks.

The truth is that FZoption is a scam that will steal whatever money you give them.

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FZoption Review: Background details

This website is using all means to appear legitimate. We’re interested in ownership information of this company.

However, the website is just using stock photos to represent their anonymous team members.

Even the names of the founder and other team members are fake as the profiles are unverifiable.

In short, FZoption is not disclosing the identities of any of their members because they are up to some fishy business.

They just registered this website in August 2020 in order to defraud investors who are new to this kind of fraud.

FZoption is not a licensed financial service

The purpose of creating a website like FZ Option is to collect money from victims by masquerading as an investment broker or a trading platform.

This is why their website has charting widgets and pictures. It is to create the illusion that the site is legitimately involved in Crypto and Forex trading.

In that case, FZoption should be registered and licensed as a company that provides some sort of financial services to traders.

According to their contact info, this company is based out of London. Ideally, any financial service that is operating in London should be registered with the FCA.

But this is not the case. FZoption is not licensed, despite the website claiming that investors’ funds are insured up to the tune of 1 million dollars.

All of the information on their website is misleading. The company is not going to speak the truth because they intend to scam investors.

No real trading platform

FZoption does not have a real trading platform. This is why they have “investment plans” instead.

The scam is also promising unrealistic profits such as 2.5% daily if you purchase their basic “investment plan”.

To encourage victims to purchase the higher plan which costs $10,000, they promise 20% daily return.

Those returns are astronomical and obviously not making any sense. This is a well-known characteristic of an investment scam.

If you place your deposit, the scammers will withdraw it and you will never see your money again.

There’s nothing like 2% daily as this is impractical in the real world of investing.

The conclusion

FZoption is a fraudulent website where investors will cry foul as soon as they place an investment and would like to withdraw their “profits”.

They will never process any withdrawals because there is no trading or investing.

If you would like to trade or invest in Forex and Bitcoin, you can trust these recommendations and not a scam like FZ Option.