Fxwealth.us Review: Is FX Wealth Group Scam or Legit?

Fxwealth.us aka FXwealth Group, Inc is a company that claims to invest in real estate with the intention of generating 5% monthly return.

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Minimum deposit is $5,000 or $100,000 (if you’re an accredited investor). Due to the technicalities of this industry and the fact that one can get scammed for not doing their due diligence, we prefer managed accounts where financial managers leverage on AI technology to generate up to 20% monthly ROI.

FXwealth.us also claims they’ve generated a ROI of 460% in their asset management program.

However, the company does not disclose what investment duration was considered when generating these figures.

The official website of this company is Fxwealth.us but they’re also operating from this domain (fxwealthgroup.us).

Fxwealth.us was registered in April 2019 while the other website (FX Wealth Group) was created in August 2020.

This means we’re dealing with a very new company and we already doubt whether they have a track record just yet.

Fxwealth.us Review

Marketing statements on their website proclaim that this company was nominated in the EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE AWARDS OCT. 2020 and has also won the TOP100COMPANIES IN FINANCE AWARDS.

This sounds like a mere promotion statement and of course it’s our intention to scrutinize these claims to determine if there is any truth.

The company has listed Geofrey Kipong as the President and other two team members whose role was not disclosed.

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The company claims to have offices in New York and London respectively.

We’re not able to verify this on Google maps since the name of this company is somehow not showing up.

How revenue is generated

Portfolio management is the main product of this company. They want investors to put their money into “physical business” to earn a steady return.

They have also claimed that this sort of investing has outperformed the market and has a proven track record.

It’s quite difficult to verify this so-called proven track record since we don’t have a way of accessing and authenticating their performance over the last couple of months.

FX Wealth has listed a number of properties on their website and are inviting investors to put their money into this property portfolio.

They claim that revenue is generated through rental income where the company will manage a property for 10 years.

Investors of FXwealth.us are called shareholders or partners!

The company is basically providing leveraged secured investments and also claiming this type of product will qualify investors for premium loans from financial institutions.

Is FXwealth.us regulated?

Since this company is offering return on investment from money which they collect from the public, they are considered to offer Securities.

According to Investment Company Act, a company is considered an “investment company” when it engages in investing, reinvesting or trading in Securities.

This definition fits the description of the kind of activities that FXwealth.us engages in.

In fact FXwealth Group, Inc should be having the SEC’s authorization by now.

Unfortunately, this company is still not regulated or authorized to provide investment activities to the public.

The bottom line is that they are operating illegally.

Trustpilot Reviews that endorse this company

As an investor, one should not be too naïve so as to be persuaded with “reviews” especially from platforms like Trustpilot.

Websites like TrustPilot are businesses that make their profit when they “help companies like FXwealth.us manage their reputation”.

This is a polite way of saying “Pay me and I will let you hire freelancers who can post fraudulently generated testimonials and reviews”.


Before you make any major financial commitment to a company that claims to generate returns, you should do your due diligence to see whether the things said or listed on their website are true and verifiable.

As it currently stands, we don’t fully believe this company is 100% legit.

Also, it’s at lodger heads with the law considering that they are operating without the SEC’s knowledge.

We also feel that FXwealth.us is unable to demonstrate their alleged track record.

Thanks for reading.

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