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Fxtrends is a signals service that proclaims 85%-90% win rate, yet charges are just $15 per month.

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Such a cheap Forex service cannot make you any money despite claims that they’re capable of producing 2-4 daily signals that earn 700 pips monthly on the minimums.

FXTrends also claims that in the last 24 months, they garnered 6,500 pips from their signals.

FxTrends boasts of strong and consistent trading results with minimum drawdown.

They use tight stops and closely monitor their trades.

However, their landing page seems to be exaggerating things. Their win rate is impossible to achieve and sustain.

We prefer signal vendors with real track record and good customer base as opposed to fly-by-night operations that makes huge promises only to fail.

Is Fxtrends legit?

We’re afraid to say that this service might not deliver as expected, and so it’s not legit.

FXTrends review

FX trends marketing materials claim that the owner is called Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan allegedly has 10 years of market experience. He is a fundamental and technical analysis trader.

His expertise involves watching flowing price movements and taking high probability trades.

However, we see that the website of FXTrends was created in June 2020.

This is not what we expect from a “veteran trader with 10 years of experience”.

They’re just making up this experience which is why their website is very new.

If they have been trading for a long time, FXtrends must produce some sort of evidence that this is the case.

We prefer these results in because it’s easier to study the numbers and charts this way.

Unfortunately, FX Trends does not have any past performance to verify their high accuracy rate and consistency.

With this in mind, we cannot believe the quality of their chart analysis and the supposed consistent earning.


FXtrends is yet another signal service that will disappoint and is akin to being a scam.

Avoid such signal services as you will waste time in the end.

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