FXStreet Signals Review

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FXStreet Signals is a trading service attached to the popular fxstreet.com website.

FXstreet.com has been around since 2000.

They’re coming from Barcelona and posing as an authority in the trading industry.

Given their reputation in the Forex industry, it’s easy to assume that anyone attaching their service to them must definitely be a qualified trader.

However, with FXStreet Signals service, things can be quite different.

My review looks at the trading strategy, pricing and how information is arranged on their platform.

This is the determining factor that tells us whether FXstreet signals can compete with popular and well-established trading products in the market.

If you’re ready, let’s go.

Is FXStreet Signals legit?

The vendor is trading a “series of strategies” which rely on price action, time, economic events and market trends.

Trades can last for several days since they tend to heavily rely on intra-week time frames.

Monthly subscription price for their signals is €35, although a free plan is also available.

If you’d like to pay annually, a discount is available. You’ll part with €26.66 per month instead.

For those who subscribe on the quarterly plan, the cost is €31.66.

And of course the free service costs €0 and can be utilized by simply glancing at the homepage.

One of the rules in the book of 48 laws of power states that you should never depend on free things for they come with unforeseen obligations.

To that effect, when I tried their free signal service, I discovered that there was a 15 minute delay of posting signals, so I was basically entering trades late.

fxstreet signals review

Additionally, the free plan does not provide insights into their trading approach.

But this is different with their premium service though. At least there’s an attempt to describe how they arrive at conclusions.

To pay for FXStreet Signals or not to?

This boils down to performance results and experience you get when you pay.

FXStreet signals premium customers get a chance to chat with signal analysts.

They’ve also posted “performance results” on the homepage for everyone to see.

And you recon that Fxstreet signals has not used any third-party verification platform to authenticate results.

They’re probably assuming that we’ll trust their results since they’re associated with the giant FXstreet.com website.

I’m leaving nothing to chance in this FXstreet signals review.

I just want to see verified trading results.


The only edge that FXstreet signals have over services like Smart Forex Trades, Forex Signals Club and the rest is the affiliation they have with fxstreet.com.

I wish they would have just conformed to the standards of doing things in the industry.

The free service is not bad as long as you can put up with delays.

But of course you should perform all trials on a demo.

In the end, I believe they will read this review and start utilizing a service like myfxbook.com.

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