Fxschool.info Review: Scam EA V5 Forex Robot, Indicators and VPS?

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Welcome to the Fxschool.info review.

What I’m reviewing is a peculiar trading service and developer called Fxschool.info.

Fxschool.info is offering a Forex robot for MT4 and MT5 platforms known as EA V5.

In addition to this, the vendor is offering copy trading services, EA development, Forex classes and indicators.

FX School is definitely a jack of all trades and a developer that appears to be over promising but doing nothing in teh way of providing whatever they say.


FX School even claims that in the last 3 years, they’ve helped thousands of students and clients become profitable and successful in Forex trading.

The vendor wants traders to know that traders are losing for lack of knowledge and that with their service, traders will not lose money.

The developer’s name is ASIRFX INTASIR SHAIKET who claims to be a full time professional trader.

He appears to be based in India as the grammar is not up to par with a trading service that offers serious Forex training and trading tools.

Clients who want to contact him through Fxschool.info website can reach him through his whatsapp contact +8801779414804 or email him directly on [email protected]

For customers with Skype installed in their PCs, adding the username asirintesir will enable them reach the owner of Fxschool.

Certainly it’s intriguing to see a bunch of Forex trading products being peddled in a website like this one.

»We’re guiding less experienced traders in choosing the best EAs for trading on this page.

I wonder whether this developer is really a full time trader who can show proof of profitability because he claims to have been in profit for the last 3 years.

I don’t want to give him the benefit of doubt because I can see that purchasing any of his products is quite a big investment which needs preparations before we can even decide to spend any penny here.

Fxschool.info review

The website of FX School has a professional look to say the least.

This is a good strategy for pulling customers and making them believe that there are products worth purchasing on a website like this.

The main product here is the so called EA V5 Forex robot which can be used as a single robot in an MT4 or MT5 account or a combination of multiple robots (EA V5 included in the mix).

FX School also claims to offer free training which comes in 140+ training videos in addition to 11 plus free Forex services.

INTASIR SHAIKET wants us to believe that their YouTube subscriber base has hit 13K people, a claim which is hard to believe unless I see the YouTube account for myself.

Indeed there’s a YouTube channel by the name AsirFx 3sixty which is run by the owner of FX School. This channel has 16K subscribers.

At least I am convinced that INTASIR SHAIKET wasn’t bluffing.

But I am certainly intrigued by the variety of trading products and services peddled on the FXschool website.

They even have a copy trading software for MT4 to MT4, MT4 to MT5, MT5 to MT5 and MT5 to MT4.

MT4 to MT4 copy trading software costs $99 (one time license).

MT4 to MT5 costs $299.

MT5 to Mt4  costs $220

MT5 to MT5 costs $150

fx school Copy Trade Software

It’s quite unusual to find a Forex school offering a copy trading software (as these can be bought for less on the internet). So the vendors opt to sell the more expensive products for greater margins.

That is why I have always said most of the Forex gurus you see around are marketers who earn from the sales of their trading software and indicators.

LadyF Trader is one such scammer.

People who run Forex92 are another bunch of scumbags not qualified to offer investment advice, same as West Capital Trading (formerly Blue Trading).

They aggressively promote their service but offer no proof of profitable trading.

However, many Forex training schools offer trading software and indicators because that seems to be where the money is.

EA V5 Forex Robot by FX School

The developer claims that they’ve been using the EA V5 Forex robot on a live account for the last 3 years.

According to their trading results, EA V5 robot has been generating monthly returns of between 18% to 20%.

EA V5 forex robot review FX SCHOOL

They claim that if we use EA V5 with a starting balance of $3,500, we will not make a loss. However, if we use it with a starting balance of $1,000 or less, we have to stick to trading USDJPY pair.

For a one time license of $450, we get 3 live accounts and 3 demo accounts respectively.

FXschool.info is offering the community a chance to test it for 15 days free of charge. This is probably because they do not have trading results handy to prove their talking.

Nonetheless, I expected to see the results posted on myfxbook.com in order to see details such as draw down, average number of pips per trade among other things.

I do not think results posted on video clips can be as transparent as those posted on an independent third party statement sharing service like myfxbook.com.

The Indicators

There are a bunch of indicators sold at FXschool.info.

The vendor wants us to know that these indicators are extremely profitable and safe to use.

They include:

  • RSI Forex indicator….. $230, recommended starting capital is $300
  • Moving averages……$230,  recommended starting capital is $300
  • Trend Finder………. $230,  recommended starting capital is $300
  • Timeframe: M5, M15, M30,H1,H4,D1

FXschool.info VPS

Virtual Private Servers are needed when running an EA in an MT4 or MT5 trading account.

25 MT4 and MT5 accounts can run on one VPS.

Also, FX School says this VPS can be used on phone as well.

The cost of a license is $20 per month

High Frequency Trading Service for High Net-worth investors

This appears to be their most expensive trading service as clients need to folk out $4,500 in advance, plus additional $15,000 to $20,000 for trading.

FXschool claims that the cost of a laptop plus special device setup will be  1250$.

Lifetime price of automatic trading software will be 2350$

Service fee and 3 days of training: 900$

This totals $4,500.

Trading results of FXschool vendor

The vendor shies away from providing the community with their trading results for the past 3 years.

What they offer is a bunch of videos showing us what looks like trading performance.

As you all know, there’s no transparency in these videos at all, so we can’t trust them.

Now, if you’re going to spend $4,500 in the so-called high frequency trading with this vendor, you’re going to ask them for proof of successful trading on a live account.

I know they don’t have one. This proves to me that this is probably another questionable trading guru from India earning a living by selling EAs, Indicators and trading courses.


I don’t think I’ll recommend FXschool.info products at this time.

Maybe the only thing I can buy from them is their copy trading software. But the question would be; where do we get the signals to copy?

Their EA V5 Forex robot doesn’t convince me either. All I wanted was proof of successful trading to trust this vendor which they’ve failed to give me.

Thanks for reading this FXschool.info review.

I want to see your input in the comment section.

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  1. I have contacted them. They reply 12 hours or more on my whatsap message. Very risky in purchasing since hey claim they have 24 jours support but you cant talked to anybody when in need.


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