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Fxprosignals Review: Is FX Pro Signals Scam?

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Fxprosignals is a new Forex signal provider claiming to generate 1,000 pips per week while offering an astonishing 89% accuracy.

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The service was actually created in May 2020 and is already suggesting that their membership numbers has reached 1,400 subscribers.

Whether this is true or not, all we are interested in is to see whether this vendor’s service can meet standards that have been set by these highly recommended signal providers.

Fxprosignals is providing these signals on their Telegram channel. They intend to provide 3 to 5 signals per day with 24/7 support.

The service is currently running a promo where subscribers of FX Pro Signals can pay $7 per week.

Unfortunately, Fxprosignals website does not provide information about the traders and their location.

Although promotion materials suggest that this service was created by traders with 65 years of experience, we feel that this is just a mere marketing gimmick.

It would have been easier for us to run a quick background check if the salespage had a proper introduction with names of real people.

For that reason, we implore you to read our review and find out whether this Forex signal is viable.

Fxprosignals Review

The vendor’s website is providing reasons why they believe the service is helpful.

They provide a short introduction where they sensationally claim that they’re a team of 7 professional traders with 65 years of combined trading experience.

They also want us to understand that trading without their help will cost us money and time.

And of course such vendors will never fail to present us with screenshots of their supposed performance, and that’s exactly what FX Pro Signals is providing in their homepage.

FX Pro Signals packages

The vendor is providing 4 subscription plans where membership costs $28monthly, $120 quarterly, $200 bi-annually, $380 annually or $500 lifetime.

In all of the plans, subscribers will receive 5-8 signals per day, access to VIP Telegram group and 24/7 support.

However, the vendor did not provide a description of what markets they’re trading, their risk management and so on.

We also don’t know what strategies they’re using and whether or not they are swing or intraday traders.

We feel that this information is crucial and should never be left out when selling signals.

Trading performance of Fxprosignals

Fx pro signals fails to provide their trading performance in a way that we can verify.

It seems that we will have to make our purchase decisions based on screenshots of supposed performance.

We can’t even verify their claim that this service makes 1000 pips weekly.

Definitely this is a competitive market and the only way to trust a vendor would be to look at their myfxbook results before paying money.

At this point, we feel that this service is discouraging. We can’t trust what they say in their marketing materials.


Fxprosignals does not cut the mark with their presentation since they can’t provide evidence of their profitability.

It is extremely difficult to believe such vendors. We will therefore conclude that this signal vendor does not have what it takes to convince serious traders.

If they want to be taken seriously, they should consider adding the missing details. This will make them compete fairly with services that are far ahead in terms of profitability and consistency.

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  1. or are 100% scam, they took money from my card illegally and have been reported to my bank already.

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