Fxjetpack Review: is FX Jet Pack a Scam Signal service?

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We’re reviewing FX Jet Pack, a signal service that promises to make their signals consistent and reliable.

FxJetPack claims they’re offering the “fastest route to Forex“.

FX Jet Pack signal believes that traders should not struggle on their own.

The signals are aimed at transforming traders’ understanding of the Forex market.

FX Jet Pack is the trading name of Traders for Fair Trading Ltd, a company that is registered in England & Wales.

GUYMER Robert is the only person associated with this company.

FX Jet Pack signals website does not disclose who owns or runs their signal service.

Even if this information is not there, we believe that GUYMER Robert is also the owner of this Forex signals website since the text is written in first person.

fxjetpack signals review

The owner claims that he is full time trader and will send the same signals which they are trading in their account.

Additionally, the vendor wants traders to know that they have complete confidence in their signals and are intending to limit the number of members who subscribe for the signals.

Certainly this is something that traders will be excited to hear because the less the number of subscribers, the more attention the vendor will give to his subscribers.

Nevertheless, I’m wondering whether chances for signing up ever run out.

Perhaps it’s also a way to spark interest in their FX Jet Pack signal services so that traders can believe this service is of quality.

Those who would like to contact the vendor can reach them out using the email [email protected]

FXJetPack Forex Signals review

The homepage is quite plain and devoid of the fancy elements of a signal vendor’s website.

However, there are additional pages on the website which are providing us with in-depth information about the signal service, trading style and past performance.

The vendor wants traders to know that FX Jet Pack strategy has been tested on 5 currency pairs. What is not clear is yet is whether trading performance is there to prove this claim.

At this point, the vendor appears to summarize information concerning their FX Jet Pack signals because they claim all information will be sent to subscribers within 48 hours of payment.

Indeed this vendor has provided the test results that were allegedly conducted on 5 different currency pairs.

They’re showing some impressive performance results for pairs such as USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD and EURJPY.

Although FX Jet Pack signals are providing us with performance results, those results appear to have been from a back testing session.

Traders cannot verify these figures posted in the screenshots and so it becomes very difficult to believe FXJetPack signals service.

FX Jet Pack Signals review: what’s in the package?

  • FX Jet Pack Forex signals
  • Step by step instructions
  • Training
  • Full email support
  • Price: $97 per month
  • Recommended broker: ThinkMarkets, FXJP

The Trading Strategy

The vendor is quite honest with their strategy. They want traders to know that FX Jet Pack signals are analyzed using a real strategy that wins consistently.

They also want traders to know that the trader behind this operation is not claiming to have a win rate of 90% because that would be a lie.

I appreciate such honesty but above all, I want to see real trading performance on a statement sharing platform like myfxbook.com.

Backtests in 2020 don’t work or seem to be trustworthy anymore.

Unfortunately, the vendor is insisting on the backtesting of 5 currency pairs. They’ve posted this performance on their trading results page for the community to see.

FX Jet Pack signals recommends ThinkMarkets broker because they believe their signals work best with this broker’s spreads.

They promote ThinkMarkets broker by reminding traders that this company is regulated, has low spreads plus security of funds is guaranteed.

This basically means that FXJetPack signals is an introducing Broker or what we call IB. If you sign up under their link, the vendor will receive a portion of the spreads charged in your trading.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

If the signals are good, the vendor deserves to be compensated properly and one way to do so (besides paying the cost of monthly subscription) is to pay them with a portion of your spreads.

For traders in the US, FXJetPack signals recommends LMFX broker. They claim this broker has low spreads just like Think Markets.

fx jet pack signals broker

Note: if you sign up with the broker that this signal provider recommends, you’ll enjoy signals for additional Forex pair, AUDUSD.

FX Jet Pack Signals Trading performance

This discussion was inevitable. Trading performance is the one important factor that we all look at before we reach out for the plastic card in the wallet.

In as much as this vendor expresses confidence in their signals, they’re not providing us with their myfxbook account so we can independently verify performance.

They’ve shown us their profits and losses in the back-testing phrase.

What we need to see is whether FX Jet Pack trades a live account, has a decent monthly return and draw down among other things.

With a myfxbook.com account, we can even get a clue of their trading strategy, how long they hold trades and what the average number of pips they aim for.

Besides, a myfxbook account is 100% transparent. When we have this account, we can decide whether or not to pay for the FX Jet Pack signals right away.


Feedback at a forum called Forex Peace Army is very positive.

However, feedback is from 3 people only. For a service that has existed this long, we expected them to receive decent attention from traders.

Forex Peace Army is also infamous for letting fake reviews go through their system (although they always put a disclaimer to tell traders that reviews are suspected to be fake).

In the event that this disclaimer is not there, we should still not trust the reviews blindly.

Also, in as much as these reviews seem extremely positive, we should take them with a pinch of salt since not all traders can have the same experience.


We’re highly suspicious about the reviews posted on the internet in favor of FX Jet pack signals.

They might be real but the truth is, we don’t have proof of their authenticity.

We would also like this vendor to provide us with a link to their myfxbook.com.

This should not be difficult because they already claim to be confident in their signals.

Once they make these corrections, we will decide whether or not to include them in our list of recommended trading products and services.

Thanks for reading the FX Jet Pack review. We’d like to hear from you.

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