FXinvest bank Review: Is fxinvestbank.com Legit or Scam?

FXinvest bank is presenting Forex and CFDs for trading while also providing clients with trading education and financial consulting. Fxinvestbank.com is also claiming to be a multi-regulated Forex broker. We disagree with this statement because FXInvest Bank is simply an offshore broker operating out of the St Vincent and the Grenadines.

We know that brokers who run their operations out of this jurisdiction are not regulated, and FXinvestbank is one of them. If you want a broker that is reliable and properly-regulated, go here. If you would like verified trading education, signals service or automated trading, pick any of these resources.

FXInvest Bank Review: Is FXinvestbank legit?

If you want to know whether a broker is legitimate, you start by looking at the entity that runs the website, their location and whether or not they’re licensed.

FXinvestbank is managed by an anonymous entity called Brikanta Limited Ltd. The reason why this company is anonymous is because there’s no record of them anywhere on the internet. Chances are therefore high that such a business entity has never been incorporated.

This begs the question of how a non-existent entity can obtain a financial license.

According to the broker’s website, the brand is licensed by FCA, ASIC and FSCA. These are serious licensing agencies which often require a broker to publish their licensing numbers on their websites.

FXInvestbank does not have any license, which is why they are not displaying their registration number anyway.

They’re just lying about their licensing details to gain legitimacy. This means the broker cannot be trusted either.

Beware of InvestFX, FX Trading Ltd, and Myfxmarkets. They are all fraudulent and probably hosted from the same location that FXinvestbank is operating out of.

FXInvest bank and what they offer

They want to offer their clients trading education which includes technical and fundamental analysis, trading psychology and risk management.

The broker also claims that the platform offers fast exection, typically in 30ms execution speed. There are over 150 trading instruments while they charge zero spreads.

We don’t know what commission the broker is charging because if the company does not make money from spreads, then they should ideally charge commissions per lot.

The truth is that FXinvest bank is a shady broker. They will trade against you, and that is how they make money.

It’s not clear whether FXinvestbank is offering MetaQuotes trading software. Even if they did, this would be purely a white label arrangement between the broker and another company.

These arrangements are not good because the broker will always be unlicensed.

In terms of account types, the website appears to be incomplete since the links to these pages are returning an error instead of taking us to the page where account details are published.

This is unprofessional. Any serious broker will put a “coming soon” status on their website instead of presenting an incomplete service to traders.

What to do if you have been scammed by FXinvestbank

I included a live chat and a form inside this article for purposes of collecting your details which will be useful when requesting for chargeback.

99% of cases are successful and victims get their funds back provided your case has qualified for chargeback.

When presenting your case, make sure that you can prove that the company in question scammed you.

The conclusion

It’s not worth using the services of FXInvestBank as they lack the seriousness that comes with running a professional brokerage business.

The site is screaming with red flags everywhere. Not only is ownership information unknown, but their jurisdiction is infamous for hosting scammers pretending to operate legit Forex brokerage companies.