Fxfasttracktrade Review: FX-fasttracktrade a Scam!

Fxfasttracktrade LTD is the entity that allegedly runs a Crypto investment scam found on the website fxfasttracktrade.com. The company claims that they are based out of Great England and have been investing on behalf of their clients since 2013. The truth is that Fxfasttracktrade is a very new website with no records of past existence. Due to the high risk involved, we couldn’t add them into our list of recommended trading and investing platforms.

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Fxfasttracktrade review: how they scam investors

Any victim that lands on this corny website will fall for it because it is created using a beautiful and convincing template. You might think they are legitimate by just looking at the design of the website.

And then there are plenty of promises that FX Fast Track Trade is giving you on their website.

They proclaim 6 years of experience, 875,000 ‘happy clients’, and 3b dollars in total withdrawals.

If you combine a beautiful website with these fake promises and lies, you will easily trap people who want financial freedom of some sort.

This is exactly what Fxfasttracktrade is doing, and I can promise you that they’ve already stolen from some victims on the internet.

Fxfasttracktrade is not authorized to provide hedge fund-like services

These guys are operating without a valid license from the FCA. Fund managers operating out of England are in the jurisdiction of the FCA and should get a license from the authority before attempting to solicit money from the public.

Fx Fast Track Trade does not have a license but is defiantly hustling investors of their hard-earned money — obviously pretending to invest the money in Crypto.

There’s no evidence that these guys are investing the money they collect in the Crypto market.

We even tried to interogate them and we were hit by a dead silence. This means they don’t respond to inquiries from people who appear to know a thing or two about Crypto trading and investing.

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What to do if you have lost money through Fxfasttracktrade

Before I tell you how to recover your lost funds, I’d like to give you a screenshot of one of the victims who has lost money already but does not know it.

A victim just lost his money

This victim should know better. He ignored all the red flags and now he asked me to help him determine if Fxfasttracktrade is a scam or not.

Now, to recover your lost money, you need to utilize the live chat below or the form that I’ve included in this review.

Submit your case for review and if you qualify for a chargeback, someone will get back to you with more information.

The Conclusion

Fxfasttracktrade is a website full of lies. We doubt their alleged corporate registeration because there are no records on the internet pointing to a registerd entity called Fxfasttracktrade LTD.

There are no reviews or feedback regarding the scam on the internet. This is yet another good piece of evidence suggesting that the website is very new and cannot be relied upon.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Lorna Garrety says:

    I was just scammed out of 17,000 by this company.

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