FXeadvisors Review: Force EAs and Trading Strategies

Welcome to the FXeadvisors review.  This developer has designed a bunch of Expert advisors including trading strategies for Forex and Binary options.

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These EAs in question include: Force Able EA, Force Scalper EA, Force Investor EA, Force Pipser EA, Force Killer EA, Force Grider EA, Force Aggressor EA, Force Long Runner EA, Force Titanium EA, Force Revolution EA, Force Gragon EA, Force Max EA, Force News Trader, Force Millionaire EA and Force Tripple EA.

This is definitely a long list of expert advisors. Going through the specific details for all of them would be hectic. But we’ll try and address the burning issues and also help you make an informed decision because this is a review of FXEAdvisors.com.

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FXEAdvisors review

On their website, FXeadvisors.com claims that they’ve designed their products for maximum reliability and profit. They also claim that their products were and are relevant in the past, present and future.

They want traders to understand that FXEAdvisors is a company that is based in Eastern Europe and has 10 years in undefeated commercialism and MQL4 base experience.

The website of FX EAdvisors has a lot of spelling and grammar errors meaning that the company or the person who published text for them is not a native English speaker.

I have a heard time understanding what is being communicated on the FXeadvisors website. However, I’ll do my best to interpret and actually understand the trading strategies of their Force EAs.

The company is selling their expert advisors backed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

All of their Forex expert advisors have been updated since 2018. The website itself has been around since 2013. So I’m assuming that these Forex robots have undergone a lot of updates since they were launched.

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Every EA designed by FXEAdvisors has got its own features and characteristics. However, they’re not upfront with the pricing of their products.


One has to contact them directly on their website or spend almost the whole day searching for pricing details.

When we click any of their EAs, we get an automated ZIP or RAR file download in the background rather than being sent to the specific page where details of that expert advisor has been published.

Force Able EA review

Force Able EA can be used with a regular or cent account. For a cent account, one requires a deposit of $20 or $200 while regular account requires at least $1,000.

Its trading logic is based on 3 indicator; BB,ADX,MA. FXEAdvisors wants traders to know that Force Able EA is optimized for GBP/USD and traders should set minimum lot size to 0.01.

If traders deposit is $300, they must set lots to 0.01 so as to control risk efficiently. They also claim that Force Able EA works well with most brokers expect NFA-regulated brokers.

Force Investor EA review

Force Investor EA requires a deposit of $50, $200 or $5000 for regular account. FxEAdvisors wants traders to know that if their deposit is less than $3000, they should use a cent account.

Force Investor EA is a scalper which opens two opposite positions at the same time. This means that it won’t be accepted by NFA-regulated brokers but should work fine with other brokers.

Force Pipser EA review

Force Pipser EA is optimized for the EURUSD pair only. Cent accounts require a deposit of $100 or $1000 while regular account requires $200.

I’m not sure whether this is an error or something because normally, a regular account should have higher deposit requirements compared to a cent account.

FXEAdvisors wants traders to know that Force Pipser EA trades both short and long positions and it only trades one position at a time.

Moreover, Force Pipser EA works efficiently with ECN brokers only due to tight spreads.

Force Killer EA review

This EA requires a deposit of $50, $200 or $1000. It trades the M1 time frame and is optimized for the EURUSD only.

FXeadvisors claims that this Forex robot’s logic is based on 3 indicators; Killer 1,Killer 2 and Killer 3.

It takes both long and short trades. In addition to this, Force Killer EA places Buy Stop, Sell Stop and limit orders.

It’s not clear what the trading strategy for this expert advisor is.

Force Grider EA review

Force Grider EA is optimized for GBPUSD but can also trade pairs like GBP/JPY,EUR/GBP. Traders are advised to use a cent account if their deposit is less than $500.

FXEAdvisors uses Grid and clever Martingale strategy in this Force Grider EA. Many professional traders fear Grid and martingale trading strategies because of the associated risk.

Most trading accounts have crashed because of these strategies hence we don’t recommend this expert advisor at all.

Force Aggressor EA Review

Minimum deposit is $100 but the developer is advising traders with less than $1000 to stick to a cent account.

The EA is optimized for the GBPUSD pair and trades on the M30 time frame. It uses pyramid and clever Martingale combined trading strategy.

This is similar to Force Grider EA’s trading logic. So we don’t recommend it either.

Force Long Runner EA review

The EA works with any pair. Traders are advised not to use a regular account if their deposit is less than $100. It trades on the 24 hour time frame.

However, no information has been provided to explain the trading strategy of Force Long Runner EA.

Force Titanium EA review

Traders with less than $500 should use a cent account. FXeadvisors states that this EA trades on the M15 and H1 time frames respectively.

It is optimized for the EURUSD pair only. No trading strategy has been provided in the description of this robot.

Force Revolution EA review

It’s optimized for the EURUSD and GBPUSD only. Traders with less than $100 have to open a cent account. No trading strategy has been disclosed.

FXEAdvisors only says that the Force Revolution EA trades on the M30 and H1 time frame respectively.

Force Gragon EA review

This EA trades the M5 and M15 time frames respectively and requires a small deposit of at least $10. Since FXEAdvisors has revealed that it trades on the lower time frames, chances are that this is a scalper.

This EA is optimized for the EURUSD pair only.

FXEAdvisors review: trading performance

FXEAdvisors does not provide trading performance for any of their expert advisors. We prefer statement sharing platforms like Myfxbook.com or FXblue.com for that matter.

None of these platforms have been used meaning that the developer is not interested in showing us the performance of their EAs.

Back tests no longer count. We need developers who put their money where their mouth is.

Some developers cover up using inactive myfxbook accounts to deceive traders. However, FXEAdvisors does not make the slightest attempt to feign transparency.

FXEAdvisors.com customer feedback

There’s no feedback from traders on these products at all. Even though the domain of their official website indicates that it was registered in 2013, there seem to be no activity from the trading community regarding the products offered by FXEAdvisors.


The developer appears to be focusing on producing one Forex robot after the other but are not interested in demonstrating the quality of their trading logic.

Some of their expert advisors don’t even have an explanation of trading logic, hence professional traders like us are left with no option but to dismiss these products.

I feel that lack of transparency is also a major issue here. If you have some experience with any of their products, please let us know.

Thanks for reading the FX EAdvisors review.

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