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FX Crypto World at is purporting to be a Crypto brokerage and investing platform operating from London.’s marketing materials claim that they are a company that has been around for the last 6 years.

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Actually the website has only existed for 1 year now. They are just feigning an experience which they do not have.

On their platform, they claim to provide an award-winning investing platform where we can trade Forex, Crypto, binary options, Crude Oil, ETFs, Gold and Shares.

FX Crypto World is also offering investors an opportunity to buy, store transfer or even earn from their “Cryptocurrency mining” activities.

The minimum investment that this website is asking for is $500.

A deposit bonus of 5% will be issued plus the investor will be assigned a senior broker.

Other “investing” plans start at $1000 and features vary from the experience of the broker who guides the investor to the kind of support they’ll receive.

Still, we see red flags all over the place. If you truly want to invest in Forex or Cryptocurrencies, these products and services are the safest.

Is FX Crypto World legit?

FX Crypto World cannot be a legitimate broker, exchange or a financial/investing service.

fx crypto world review

The first thing to notice is that they are not regulated by the FCA which is in charge of all financial services in the UK.

If they ever registered a company in London, this company is just engaging in illegal financial activities.

There’s no proof that Crypto mining activities are going on behind the scenes.

What is more, there is no assurance that people who send money to the anonymous website operator will ever get their money and profits.


There are many kinds of FX Crypto World websites which are fraudulent in nature and taking advantage of the masses who are somewhat not familiar with how blockchain works.

These sites are to be avoided at all cost. If you would like to invest in trading, just visit this page and follow the instructions.

Stop believing scams like

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