FXcryptohome.com Review: Is FX Crypto Home Scam?

Welcome to FXcryptohome review. The reason that we’re writing this FX Crypto home review is because the website acts as a broker and a Bitcoin cloud mining service but ownership or terms and conditions are not disclosed.

FX Crypto Home is providing a US phone number (+1-205-546-8036) to suggest that they’re operating this service from the US.

This does not mean much and we also suspect that FXCryptoHome is not operating from the US since operators of this site could easily use apps that fake location of the receiver.

FXCryptoHome is advertising the highest paying Bitcoin cloud mining pool but at the same time claiming to offer binary options trading platform.

This is a classic combination of Crypto mining with binary options. This combination is usually loved by scammers because it enables them to attract both binary options enthusiasts and Crypto traffic.

FXCryptoHome lists a couple of advantages associated with using their platform. We feel that these “advantages” are really basic and not helpful.

For example, they claim that users can trade in the most popular currencies like the USD and even BTC. This should be obvious if dealing with a serious broker.

FXCRYPTOHOME review Binary Trading

They also claim that they are protecting their user-data with latest technological systems. We feel that FX Crypto Home is not transparent and there is something not right about how they run this business.

Is this a legit binary options brokerage/Bitcoin mining service or a scam for that matter?

Let’s find out but if you want to invest in trading right now, take a look at our recommendations in this list. You can thank us later because we’re only recommending products help traders and investors earn consistent second income.

FXCryptoHome review

The domain FXCryptoHome.com was created in September 2019. However, their timeline indicates something different from this fact.

They claim that operations of this website started in March 2018 which is obviously not true.

Nonetheless, they want investors to believe that FX Crypto Home started in 2018 by launching an ICO Crypto development platform.

FX Crypto Home is basically making these false claims in order to create an impression that they’ve been around for quite some time.

The truth is that they’ve been around for a couple of months only. This timeline story is not believable.

With regards to ownership information, FXCryptoHome is listing a few faces which look like stock photos.

One of the names they mention is Marco Cordoni who is allegedly the CEO of this operation. We looked at his profile but didn’t find anything.

There’s a Marco Cordoni from the United Kingdom but this guy does not appear to have any connections with FX Crypo Home.

Therefore, the profiles shown on the FXCryptoHome website are not real people associated with this website. Everything is fake, right from the CEO to the people portrayed as staff. In fact, FXCryptoHome is using stock photos as we anticipated because the real owners are determined to hide their identity.

So far, this is a red flag and something we cannot take lightly. It is one of the reasons you should keep off this broker/Bitcoin mining operation.

Their product offering is suspicous

FX Crypto Home is combining Binary options with mining of Bitcoin. There’s no broker we know of who has ever combined the two products or services and offered them on one website.

They provide 4 “investment plans” while listing several “attractive features” associated with each one of the “investment accounts”.

[tabs][tab title=”Starter”]

  • 10% Deposit Bonus
  • No Risk Free Trade
  • No Training
  • No Free Signals
  • Junior Broker
  • 24/7 Support

[/tab] [tab title=”Basic”]

  • 20% Deposit Bonus
  • 3x Risk Free Trade
  • Preliminary Training
  • Free Signals
  • Senior Broker
  • 24/7 Support

[/tab] [tab title=”Pro”]

  • 35% Deposit Bonus
  • 5x Risk Free Trade
  • Basic Training
  • Expert Signals
  • Professional Broker
  • 24/7 Support

[/tab] [tab title=”Executive”]

  • 50% Deposit Bonus
  • 10x Risk Free Trade
  • Full Training
  • Premuim Signals
  • Executive Broker + Analyst
  • 24/7 Support



Looking at the “investment packages” above, we see that minimum deposit is very high and this is typical of scam investment operations.

Secondly, every deposit bonus must come with terms and conditions disclosure. This fake broker is offering deposit bonuses without disclosing rules for accepting deposits.

Thirdly, we’re not sure whether this is a true broker because the platform does not come with any demo for testing.

They can always cobble a platform for trading binary options by just purchasing a simple HTML template. From there, they will obviously integrate payment methods so that users can deposit and start “trading”.

Or course the price feed is fake because this broker is not connecting with a real trading environment and secondly, they’re definitely going to manipulate your trades so you can finish your deposit as soon as possible.

This is a clever way that FXCryptoHome and similar scams are snatching money from naive consumers.

FXCryptoHome review: Reasons not to put your money here

The reasons are quite obvious. The first one is that they’re unregulated and yet all brokers must obtain a license from the relevant financial watchdog.

Secondly, their Crypto mining platform is a hoax because there’s no evidence of any mining activities happening on this website.

Thirdly, there’s no registered company associated with FXCryptoHome website. This is just an independent, faceless entity that wants your money.

Fourth, the owners continue to remain anonymous. You cannot trust their trading signals because they are neither traders nor trustworthy people.


The truth is that FX Crypto Home cannot operate in the US and go unnoticed for a long time before perpetrators can be arrested.

The US securities act of 1993 requires companies offering securities to be registered with the SEC.

Failure to do so will amount to felony as stated in this F1 Trade review. 

This is a fact that FXCryptoHome and other brokers or investment operations know very well. Therefore, we can conclude that FX CRYPTO Home operations are not being run from the US.

And after seeing all these red flags, who would be foolish enough to trust a website like FX CRYPTO HOME?

Thanks for reading this FXCryptohome review.

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