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FxCrypto Income Review: Scam not Real Investing

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FxCrypto Income is a website that purports to provide investing services in Forex trading.

It is not clear whether FxCrypto Income is trading on behalf of investors or providing them with a self-trading account.

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Also, FxCrypto Income is claiming to provide deposit bonuses, trading signals, training and 24/7 support.

These services are synonymous with Forex brokers. Therefore, we expected FxCrypto Income to have a Forex license before providing services like these to investors.

The official website of this platform can be found at

This website was anonymously registered in August 2019. In addition to this, the service is using stock photos to introduce members of the team.

Fxcryptoincome clearly lacks transparency as they are hiding the website admins behind stock photos.

They are also vague phrases such as “advisor”, “chairman”, “Marketing analyst” etc.

FxCrypto Income

It is clear that whoever is behind this website does not know what he is saying.

While the minimum deposit is $350, we do not know where and how this money will be deposited.

This is because fxcryptoincome does not provide an MT4 or MT5 trading account.

Secondly, they don’t hold any valid Forex license which assures that money of their clients is put in segregated accounts.

The only thing they tell us is that they are based in the United Kingdom.

Is FxCrypto Income legit?

No, this website can’t be legitimate. It is a scam.

The fraudster behind this fake investment scheme even forgot to edit some texts which were clearly copy pasted from a rival site called FXcash Growth.

Now that the admins of the site are not traders, we have no idea how they plan to generate Forex signals.

Apart from this, there is no sign of training materials on this website as everything is running anonymously.

With that being the case, we’re still wondering how “training materials” will be delivered.

Such websites are not to be trusted with your hard-earned money.


FxCrypto Income is your typical ponzi scheme where majority of “investors” turn into victims after losing all their money.

We don’t recommend such programs for investing because they don’t truly trade the financial markets.

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