FXcoinex Review

FXcoinex is a Bitcoin investment website which allegedly provides trading and mining.

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FXcoinex wants traders to know that they provide the most liquid order book in the world.

Leverage is up to 3.3x and traders are also provided with various order types at their disposal.

The trading interface of FXcoinex can be customized and security of coins is “guaranteed” through offline cold storage.

FXcoinex is allegedly owned and operated by Global Services Plus Pte Limited.

Global Services Plus Pte Limited is registered in Singapore and is a parent company to dozens of other small businesses in Singapore.

fxcoinex review
Screenshot of homepage

FXcoinex cannot be found in the list of businesses owned by Global Services Plus Pte Limited.

The website of FX Coinex is probably lying about their affiliation with this company.

Therefore, in this review, I will let you know whether FXcoinex is offering a viable investing opportunity or taking investors for a ride.

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Is FXcoinex legit?

The platform promises to make buying and selling of Crypto instant and easy.

However, from the look of things, I see that this is not a legit service.

There are many red flags on their site to ascertain this. The first red flag is that FXcoinex is promising guaranteed profits from “mining of Bitcoin”.

Secondly, the website claims to have been founded in 2016. Who.is says the website was registered in September 2019.

You can check those details here.

Therefore, FXcoinex is also lying about the duration of their trading with customers on the internet.

They’ve also listed a number of trading platforms on their website.

They mention MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, cTrader among others. However, there’s no direct implications that they’re using either of these platforms.

They also claim to trade Forex and oil for investors. No account details have been provided.

Investors do not know what minimum deposit is required or even the experience of those who are supposedly going to trade their funds.

Should you sign up for FXcoinex?

I doubt whether anyone who puts their money here will be able to get it out.

First of all, FXcoinex is not a licensed trading operation.

They’re giving us a Canadian physical address while lying that their mother company is in Singapore.

This is a typical example of a Forex scam so to speak.

Based on the characteristics, you cannot say that FXcoinex is any different from Ark Investing, TBM Trust or 24deposit.


Just don’t believe in websites claiming to offer guaranteed returns from trading or mining.

I’ve also seen a few complaints from investors who lost money through FXcoinex.

All of them have one thing in common. They were denied withdrawals by these con artists.

Stay away.

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