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FX247 Option Review

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FX247 Option is a supposed Forex and Bitcoin trading and investing platform.

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Because money is involved, this FX247Option review will help you make an informed decision.

First of all, website’s marketing materials claim FX247Option is the world’s most popular Forex and Bitcoin mining company.

This is not true because according to our website snooping tools, the domain was created in May 2019.

Secondly, my investigations shows that the website does not receive any significant visitor traffic.

Therefore, it can’t be true that FX247 Option is the most popular destination for trading Forex or mining Bitcoin.

It is the least popular website for doing these things.

FX247 Option review
FX247 Option website

Furthermore, this website is owned and operated by an anonymous individual who is soliciting money from the public.

This is the case with a scam called

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Apart from investing, they also claim to provide an opportunity to sell Bitcoin.

They’ve provided various packages for selling Bitcoin and the minimum one can sell is $500.

Is FX247 Option legit?

I do not think this platform is legitimate.

There are lots of big red flags everywhere on the FX247Option website.

For example, they claim users can sell Bitcoin on their platform with zero risk.

This is simply not the case because when you actually send them Bitcoin, you are sending your Bitcoin to an anonymous person and there’s no escrow in between.

FX247 Option is also claiming that their platform offers individuals a chance to become rich.

When you come across a website that operates like FX247Option, you should know that it’s a scam. They’re not going to make you rich.

They’re even stealing pictures on various linkedIn profiles and posting them on the FX247 Option website.

One such example can be found where they list their supposed team members.

They claim that the CEO of the company is someone called “Oliver Just”.

This is not the case because the “Oliver Just” of FX247Option is actually the picture of Murat Bilican, CEO of List Global Inc.

Check his LinkedIn profile here and tell me whether the person whose profile has been stolen by the scammers can actually be a part of FX247 Option.

Should you invest with FX247 Option?

They’re faking out everything. Their website is also made up of marketing mumbo jumbo which does not help with building any trust.

They’re not telling victims how money will be invested. Instead, they’re just telling them that they’ll be rich.

This is the definition of a scam.


Just don’t send any money to these scammers. They are thieves who have put up their Bitcoin address where you’ll send money and never hear from them again.

Thanks for reading our FX247 Option review.

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8 Comment on this post

  1. I’ve been had by these, lady I contact is called A L on WhatsApp, as she refused to be contacted using messenger.

    I want my deposit & I’d like the so called invested profit as well.

    I will forward more details to hopefully topedgefx can help me get my money back.

  2. Hi Daniel

    How did you go with this? Did you get your money back?

    I think I’m in the same boat as you?

    I feel sick in the stomach.

  3. didnt get anything.
    not bothering
    its all crap, they are scammers, i lost only £100 to them.
    Andrea Lisa & so Called Oliver Just.

    ive been researching and led to this its all crap scam.

    theres no end, they will keep saying invest more to earn more.

    when you do earn an amount they then want so much in so called exchange rates + charges ( found details on other sites. )

    im a bigger maturer person, and im walking away.

    £100 hard earnt money, but i’m glad its only that small amount & not thousands been scammed out of.

    Karma will catch upto them.

  4. oh if this helps +1 ( 470 ) 203-8646 WhatsApp. unfortunately i have no pictures of who i was scammed by. Because obviously they use fake names & or photos. ( Older lady, big orange glasses, short blonde bob style hair.

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