FX Trading Ltd (fxtradingltd.com) Review: Scam or Not?

FX Trading Ltd is privately registered, thus failing to disclose ownership information. The site fxtradingltd.com is peddling suspicious investment plans with minimum deposit starting $25. Because FX Trading Ltd does not provide real trading and investing services, we urge you to avoid them altogether. The only way to grow your investments is to utilize these highly recommended trading resources.

FX Trading Ltd (fxtradingltd.com) Review

The company is allegedly based out of London, United Kingdom. Their website suggests that they can manage our assets and also provide financial advice.

The platform talks about mutual investments, portfolio management and insurance of funds. FX Trading Ltd also suggests that they trade our funds using a risk-reward ratio of 1:5.

But the problem with FXtradingltd.com is that they’re not giving us any proof of their income generating activities.

The ROI that they generate for their alleged investors is probably going to come from new investors’ deposits.

The basic investment plan promises 20% returns monthly. Their highest investment plans supposedly generates 40% ROI on a monthly basis.

This ROI is too high for any kind of trading activity. Unfortunately, fxtradingltd.com does not provide any evidence of their trading activities. Consequently, they can only pay these returns because they are running a ponzi scheme in the background.

FXtradingltd.com not licensed

Their physical address suggests that the company is operating out of the UK. Any financial services company that operates in the UK is required to obtain a license from the FCA.

But FX Trading Ltd does not have any license. On the other hand, they continue to solicit funds from members of the public.

Do you think the company can be trusted with funds? In fact, its a just a matter of time before the FCA will blacklist them and publish a warning on their site regarding FX Trading Ltd.

In our opinion, we can’t recommend trusting this company with your portfolio. It’s going to be the greatest mistake you can ever do.

What to do if you have been scammed by fxtradingltd.com

I have included a contact form on this review for this purpose. But if you have lost $5,000 and above, please use the live chat to present your case.

99% of cases are successful and victims get their money back. As long as you can show proof that FXtradingltd scammed you, a successful chargeback is a sure thing.

The conclusion

Don’t send your money to fxtradingltd.com because the site is clearly marketing a High Yield Investment program that pays “profits” based on new deposits.

We have confirmed that FX Trading Ltd is actually not trading. There is no returns that will be legitimately traded from trading activities. In fact, if they ever send you any “profits”, you will be literally stealing from other people because the scam is sending you their money. Problem is that you never know whether this ponzi scheme will ever compensate you, and there is no telling whether the site will be here for a long time.