FX Scalping Academy Review: is it a Scam?

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Fxscalpingacademy.com is a trading school with a live chatroom that is “configured to take 100 students only”.

If you buy the course for $147, you can join this wonderful trading room so long as you’re among the “lucky” 100 students.

The owner of FX Scalping Academy claims that he will teach students how to setup charts in such a way that they’ll eliminate 80% of losing trades.

He also believes that Forex indicators are absolute rubbish and that education is the missing part of the puzzle.

What exactly does FXScalping Academy offer students?

FX Scalping Academy offers “classroom” experience on how to trade between the lines, otherwise known as TBTL.

This method makes use of support and resistance lines to identify areas where big players enter the market.

The owner of FX Scalping Academy even claims that with this method, there will be lots of winning trades that losers won’t make any difference to your account balance.

How ignorant?

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The trading course is sold through jvzoo affiliate marketplace and unfortunately, this trading educator has not setup options for contacting them prior to purchasing their course.

Moreover, there are no refund guarantees.

So once you buy FX Scalping Academy training, you’ll be committing to losing $147 in the event that the course is not working.

It’s quite unprofessional for this vendor to sell a trading course without giving the trading community the option of contacting them.

FX Scalping Academy website has not disclosed information about the owner, trading background and physical address.

In other words, we’re relying on a very lengthy sales pitch because the website uses verbiage to persuade the community.

This is the same case with websites like Trading Options Live, Trading Heroes, Investment Mastery etc.

FX Scalping Academy review

My initial impression about this service is quite negative to start with.

The sales page of FX Scalping Academy is a classic example of landing pages that use a lot of text just to drive a simple point home.

By the time I reached the middle of the page, I was exhausted from reading the text.

The sales page purports that the owner of this trading school is called Jeff G.

However, I find it a big lack of courtesy if a trading educator cannot take a few seconds to introduce themselves before selling their service.

fxscalpingacademy review

Nonetheless, the owner of this trading school claims he will teach students how to make 20 to 40 pips daily.

He also claims that he has a technique that can leverage 15 pips price movements to help traders make 35 to 40 pips in a matter of minutes.

Wow, FX Scalping Academy must be the best trading school in the world.

Those looking to make quick returns from scalping will love this sales pitch and if they’re financially unsophisticated, they’ll end up getting the course.

Other claims being made by FXScalping Academy website are as follows:

  • How to setup a series of charts so we can see all the important lines at once
  • How to utilize a free software that automates the drawing of these lines
  • How to spot the most profitable trade setups
  • How to use pending orders to get in at the right price
  • How to anticipate market reaction

Point number 2 is essentially telling us that FXScalping Academy is giving away a free indicator but remember how this “trading guru” dismissed MACD, RSI, CCI and many of those indicators.

While bashing indicators for their lagging performance, FX Scalping Academy is even promising a free indicator.

A free indicator is not the best you can use. If an indicator really works, it should not be free to say the least.

While indicators are most of the time responding to big market movements after the action has already occurred by several pips, a good trading indicator should be used only if you are an experienced trader.

These tools are supposed to be utilized for aiding your trading, not to make trade decisions for you.

If you already have some training in Forex trading, go to this page and pick the premium indicator that we’ve recommended there. 

Details of the Trading strategy

  • Timeframe: m1
  • Strategy and analysis: Scalping based on retracement, support and resistance lines.
  • Price: $147

FX Scalping Academy review: trading performance

I believe that every “trading guru” must present their results for us to believe them.

I mean trading results must not be backtracked on a simulated trading experience the way the owner of FXScalping Academy is doing it.

Instead of replaying the market to show us rehearsed trades that made money (while hiding the losers of course), a trading educator should demonstrate their work on a myfxbook account.

Myfxbook.com is a statement sharing platform used to analyze trade statistics like monthly returns, draw down, average number of pips gained per trade, equity curve and so much more.

You can see how this data is valuable, right?

If the owner of FX Scalping Academy is selling a trading course that eliminates 80% of losing trades, he should be able to demonstrate it in a live account.

Unfortunately, there’s no trading results. Only cherry-picked trades on a simulator.


I don’t know about you but I would never trust a trading educator who is too reluctant to introduce themselves.

FX Scalping Academy website contains a bunch of text talking about scalping and making up to 40 pips per day.

But they’re not talking about how to manage risk (which is crucial in long-term survival in the market).

Instead, this crucial part of trading has been replaced by the notion that more winners will cover for the few losers.

But let me tell you; few losers can ruin your account even if your trading has an accuracy of 90%.

It only takes a highly leveraged account with improper lot sizing to deplete your balance.

FX Scalping Academy misses out this point.

Also, I want to see real trading results from the person who claims to sell a trading course that will “eliminate 80% of losers”.

I just don’t want to make decisions based on the sales pitch of the vendor. Having said this, I don’t think FX Scalping Academy is something I can ever recommend.

Thanks for reading this FX Scalping Academy review.

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