Fx Northwest Review (Forex signal Service)

Today, we’ll put the focus of this review on Fx Northwest, a Forex training and signals service operating from Colorado and promoting affiliate products at the same time.

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The reason it didn’t qualify into our list of the best Forex signals providers is because the vendor lacks credible trading performance.

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FX Northwest was registered in May 2014 but has never been popular whatsoever.

They peddle an effective and highly profitable trading software while also claiming that they’ve made Forex trading simple.

The website of FX Northwest (fx-northwest.com) has a basic appearance with a few paragraphs scattered across the homepage.

The owner, Roberto Rivera, also appears to be promoting a trading indicator called Onyx Scalper among others.

These products are clearly from third-party developers. So this means Mr. Roberto Rivera is just an affiliate, not a professional trader.

This is quite unusual because most Forex signal vendors would rather focus on delivering their own products and services than engage in affiliate partnership with other vendors.

Other than this, the service provides a Pro Traders Workshop at a cost of $997, live trading room for $39 and a bunch of price action videos for $100.

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Mr. Roberto can be contacted using email, live chat or phone number 1-970-343-9012.

Despite him claiming that he is a professional trader, Fund manager and Forex educator, we still don’t have his professional trading background anywhere on the internet.

Fx Northwest Review

The live trading room serves as an education resources and a place where trading signals are generated.

FX-northwest.com does not say whether the cost of accessing this chat room is a one-time or recurring payment.

FX Northwest has also provided a sample technical analysis video to give a quick overview of how the chat room looks and feels like.

The next thing that follows is a bunch of unverified “testimonials” from clients of Fx-northwest.com.

The Pro Traders Workshop is a 12 week training, teaching how markets move, how to read charts, how to develop a rule-bases strategy, trade trends and counter-trends.

The Pro Traders Workshop also provides access to undisclosed consolidation strategies.

What follows is a sample video similar to that which we found on the live chat room sales page.

Meanwhile, FX-northwest.com claims that the price of this product is usually $2,997 but they’ve slashed it down to $997 until Thursday.

This is a strategy that Forex vendors commonly use to pressure customers into making a purchase immediately.

We’ve never seen prices increase when vendors say they will increase them.

In this case, FX Northwest is likely to retain the current pricing forever.

Trading results

FX Northwest provides a myfxbook account where we can see the past trades of Mr. Roberto.

It’s worth noting that this vendor does not have a fully verified myfxbook account.

Secondly, they abandoned this Forex broker account in June 2020.

Because it is not a fully verified myfxbook account, we can’t tell whether the figures were manipulated or not.

Also, traders should be worried of vendors who are showing myfxbook accounts that are no longer updating trading history.

In short, the owner of FX-northwest.com is unable to prove that he is a professional trader and fund manager.

Who is Mr. Roberto Rivera?

Going through his Myfxbook profile, I got an impression that he is not yet a successful trader.

He first launched fxnorthwestinstitute.com in 2013.

This domain is now defunct and is up for sale.

A quick search on the internet would reveal that another version of fxnorthwestinstitute.com is hosted on a free Google sites platform.

The big question is why would a serious trader abandon his website and then host it elsewhere on a free Google platform?

In 2014, he also appeared to offer a trade copier. This trade copier never achieved any success, hence the unverifiable myfxbook results.

At the time, Mr. Roberto was living in the UK but currently claims to live in Colorado.

This is such an unpredictable person. I wouldn’t trust such a trading educator with my money.

It appears the ultimate goal is to make money from selling failed trading products and services that lose money.

FX Northwest affiliate partnership products

If Mr. Roberto is a professional trader, why is he promoting third party products?

Most importantly, why is he promoting products with no verifiable trac record.

This vendor appears to be confused and not really trading as claimed on the sales page.

This is not the type of vendor you would purchase signals or Forex education from.

Furthermore, they’ve not given us reasons as to why they believe their Forex training is worth hundreds of dollars.

FX Northwest Customer feedback

While FX-northwest.com was registered in 2014, reviews are not forthcoming concerning Roberto and the quality of his service.

I expect a professional trading service to attract some rating especially if it has existed for a couple of years.

But this is not the case for this vendor. This finding is further pushing us away from this service.

I would never sign up for a Forex signal service with no reputation despite several years of online existence.


FX-northwest.com is a website that does not inspire trust.

The service cannot explain why they’re promoting bogus third party trading products.

It’s also clear that the vendor is a struggling trader who never found success trading the Forex marketplace.

FX Northwest is just another desperate to make a few hundred dollars from naive people on the internet.

And with the sort of history that Mr. Roberto has, we don’t see how he can turn around and start becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Thanks for reading our FX-northwest.com review. We don’t recommend mediocre trading services.

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