FX Ninja Review: fxninja.org an Investment SCAM

Is FX Ninja (fxninja.org) offering a legitimate or a scam investment opportunity? Well, we’re of the observation that this website is fraudulent in nature. Automated Crypto trading can be profitable if you have professional trading tools such as the ones we recommend here. FXninja products/services include copytrading, investment packages and trading bots. The purpose for purchasing or investing in any one of these products is to make a profit. But FX Ninja is not going to give you the “profits” that you badly desire simply because the trading products don’t work like professional trading services that are used by serious traders.

FXNinja was created in January 2021 but according to their marketing materials, the company is equipped with “years of experience”. Who is fooling who? Furthermore, their investment plans are allegedly designed to “grow our investment safely”. The company does not demonstrate how safe our money is in their hands. They simply want to give a false sense of security. The so-called investment plans are an avenue to extort unsuspecting victims. FX Ninja also sells a copy trading system that only replicates “winning trades” into your account. Unfortunately, the company fails to provide verifiable trading performance. If this is the situation on the salespage, how will we trust FXninja with their hyped up trading bots that appear to be nothing other than a collection of trading indicators bundled into an automated trading system?

FX Ninja (FXninja.org) Review: This can’t be legit

These folks want us to sign up, choose an investment plan, copy trading or bots. In return, investors of their trading plans receive a ROI (just like ponzi schemes do). In terms of their copy trading platform, the company does not disclose which third party brokers they are using or whether FX Ninja is acting as a vendor and broker at the same time.

FXninja.org is only accepting payment in Cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this is a high-risk investment opportunity that cannot be trusted since the website does not disclose ownership details. No physical address has been provided either. Finding out their office location is next to impossible, except that when we did a background check on the domain fxninja.org, we found out that the identity of the owner is reducted, though their registered address says they are operating from Reykjavik in Iceland.

It therefore looks like the scammers are operating out of Iceland.

Because of their lack of transparency, we can’t believe anything that their marketing materials says.

FX Ninja is lying that they’ve helped many people attain financial freedom. But a statement like this cannot be verified since these “customers” did not even take their time to leave comments or reviews of their experience with this website.

How FXNinja.org intends to scam you

They’re promising weekly ROI of 65%, which is next to impossible since there is no trading opportunity in the world that can produce these earnings.

There are two investment plans which require at least $500 in minimum investment. You should be coke sure that you will lose this money.

FXninja pretends to generate returns from trading but when we signed up, we didn’t see any trading platform or a reference to a particular broker that provides the facility for trading.

They are also selling NinjaBot ($299), NinjaBot Pro ($499) and Samurai Bot ($650) respectively. The bots are for trading Cryptocurrencies and indices. The basic license gives you a semi-automated trading bot but sniper entry is a standard feature in all the three.

The reason you should never invest in these trading bots is because the company does not have proof that their bots are profitable. There is no talk of strategy either, yet serious traders should ask these questions before spending money on a trading bot.

Lastly, their copy trading service is a scam. Who are the traders that we are copying trades from? What is their trading experience? Can we see 6 months of their trading performance?

What to do if you’ve been scammed by FX Ninja

If you have lost a significant amount of money to these scammers, you have the option of choosing to forget your money or initiating a chargeback so you can recover whatever you lost.

I have included a form in this review for that purpose. You can also utilize the live chat function on this blog because that is how the professionals will collect your information and review your case at no obligation. If your case qualifies for chargeback, you will be told what to do. Just follow their instructions to recover your money.

The Conclusion

It is obvious that this scam is committing securities fraud (for those investors who are based in the US this is even illegal).

They will take your money and run away with it. If you ever receive any profit, it will be money that has been snatched from other victims. But there is no telling when you will lose a big amount of money if you keep sticking around for long.

Thanks for reading this FX Ninja review.