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The owners of FX Maximal EA are declaring that their Forex robot is the best because it guarantees stable returns every month without a loss.

The Fxmaximal robot is purported to be a quick and efficient way to make money in the Forex market.

The developer wants traders to know that this EA is pure magic in disguise because its system is so refined that it offers stable and lifetime profits.FX MAXIMAL ea review

But we also need to remember that these promises are made by nearly every Forex robot vendor out there.

We’ve seen this style of promotion with developers of robots like 4XLG, Gravity FX, Oxygen FX Trader, Elite Forex Trader and many others.

They always want to promote their products using the best phrases they can think of. But the reality is always different.

So FX Maximal developer is not the first vendor to peddle his products using this style of marketing.

Furthermore, if you’re the kind of trader that falls for the sweet words, marketers will lie and mislead you everyday.

Therefore, if you’re reading this Fxmaximal EA review, you should be keen on the things we’re discussing and the issues we’re raising.

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Afterwards, you’ll have a good clue of what this EA is and whether or not it can be of any benefit to your trading.

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Fx Maximal Review

FX Maximal EA developer does not wish to disclose their identity or physical address.

However, they seem to focus so much on reassuring traders that their EA is safe, reliable and efficient.

The vendor claims to have traded the Forex market for the last 5 years. They claim their observation and studies led them to develop the FX Maximal robot.

FXMAXIMAL forex robot review

They also want traders to know that this Forex robot is not just another EA but a trading system that was developed as a result of long and dedicated understanding of Forex trading.

In addition to this, the vendor has said that their Forex robot is non-Martingale.

They’re against Martingale trading because in their perspective, this style of trading creates an illusion of profits rather than actually generating profits.

They’ve also observed that the chances of making losses increase exponentially while those for profits increase very slowly in a linear, upward trend.

Therefore, they don’t believe in Martingale trading because of the above reasons.

At this point, we need to look at the product details with regards to price, what the FXMaximal EA trades and time frame as well.

FXMaximal EA review: breakdown of product details

By now, we know that it’s an EA that doesn’t contain Martingale trading elements in its trading logic.

There are two account licenses and one of them is free.

The first license is a standard license that costs $250 and this enables traders to use 3 live accounts with the FXMaximal Forex robot.

There can only be 1 demo account for trading on the standard license.

The second one is free for a lifetime. It only enables trading on 1 live account. However, the vendor has one condition:

If traders want to utilize the free license, they should sign up under the link provided by the FX Maximal developer.

This will mean that traders are restricted to the broker that this vendor uses.

In addition to that, it will mean that brokers are compensating the vendor out of spreads they charge on the trader’s account.

This is the only way to compensate for the developer’s effort if they choose to give a copy of the FX Maximal Forex robot for free.

Trading performance for the FX Maximal EA

The first thing you noticed when you visited the vendor’s website is their myfxbook.com account.

The Forex trading account whose activities are being tracked on myfxbook was opened at Pax Forex in September 2016.


The last time it was updated was in April 2017.

This means that the account traded for 1 year before it went dormant.

During this period, gains were +2554.88% and monthly return was 61.97%. However, draw down is quite low which is a very good thing in fact.

At only 6%, we can say this was impressive.

Also, from the results, we can see that FX Maximal EA is a scalper as it enters and exits traders after gaining only a few pips.

The equity curve had been rising steadily over the months. So the question is why the developer stopped trading this account.

Did the strategy prove to be ineffective afterwards?

While results for the FX Maximal Forex robot seem impressive, we ‘re still worried of the fact that this developer did not continue trading with the robot after April 2017.

This means that either the strategy was failing in the better parts of 2017 or the developer didn’t want to ruin the results they had accumulated over the last 12 months.

Either way, it is a trick that is commonly used by many Forex robot developers.

It is hard to find a developer who has an active and profiting myfxbook equity curve.

Customer reviews

FXMaximal EA has attracted a few reviews from people who purchased a license from this developer.

On the other hand, we see that no one has purchased a license since 2017.

This could mean that traders are no longer interested in purchasing a license after seeing the reviews and feedback that other users left behind.

One of the complaints raised by two of these reviewers is that the developer is poor at replying to emails and sometimes they don’t reply at all.

Generally, FX Maximal Forex robot scores poorly in terms of ratings. It will be hard to recommend it.


FXMaximal Forex robot team needs to explain to us why trading with this EA stopped after achieving impressive results.

We also need to build confidence based on reviews that we see from traders who have purchased a license lately.

Otherwise, we feel that this product is outdated and traders could be looking for something better.

Thanks for reading the FX Maximal EA review.

Drop your comments if you’ve either made money or burnt your account with this robot.

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