FX Fortnite EA Review: Best FX Robot or Scam?

In this review, we have yet another Forex expert advisor called FX Fortnite EA, which promises 100% automated trading on MT4, ease of use and 24/7 support.

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This developer is new in the Forex marketplace since their official website, fxfortnite.com, was registered in the early days of September 2020.

They provide a couple of backtests on their website for our viewing pleasure.

In addition to this, they have an FXblue widget on their website to reinforce the reasons they believe their software is above competition.

Without further ado, we will dive into the specs of this trading system and even let you know whether or not this EA can beat our most recommended trading products and services.

FX Fortnite EA review

Unlike most vendors who sell Forex robots, FX Fortnite EA does not make any ridiculous income claims.

fx fortnite ea

On the other hand, the website is very simple and contains just a few text letting us know what strategies are involved as well as licensing options.

We do not know where this vendor is from. However, their website’s server is based in Czech republic.

Probably this developer is based in Czech Republic. Other than this, we do not know their name and development experience.

It’s easy to assume that this is their first product and website ever.

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Either way, we do not like it when vendors lack transparency because it makes our job difficult.

We feel that Forex product vendors can compete better if they have all the required details on their website.

These should include their name, development experience and verifiable trading results mostly from myfxbook.com.

Trading strategy of FX Fortnite EA

There’s a brief overview of what trading strategy this EA relies on.

Although the explanation is a bit convoluted, I will try my best to deconstruct every statement according to the way I understand it.

The FX Fortnite EA is a hedge/trend strategy robot.

It comes with a setting for 3 risk levels. Traders can either set this to low, medium or high respectively.

The vendor also claims the following:

We employ a lookback straddle approach for evaluating the return characteristics of a trend following strategy


The above statement is a bit vague since the vendor is not providing us with real insights on their strategy.

Other than this, they want traders to know that this EA is specifically designed to trade the EURCHF pair.

Details of the Forex robot have been summarized as follows:

Forex RobotPairsTimeframeLeveragePrice
FX Fortnite EAEURCHF1h1:100 and above$149-$249

For $149, traders are getting one license of a Forex robot that can only trade one Forex pair.

This means the robot will be idle most of the time since there are generally not a lot of setups in a single pair.

I still feel that these recommended trading systems a way better and affordable.

Trading results

The first thing to let you know is that we do not generally like FXblue for purposes of sharing results.

We prefer myfxbook due to its straight forward interface which really helps us to catch cheating vendors.

Another thing is that with FXblue, we can’t know whether an account is fully verified or not.

The account has been active since August and returns are now at +96.2%.

The average trade length is 2.1 days and the number of trades per day is 14.3.

This is contrary to our initial assumption that FX Fortnite robot does not trade quite often.

Anyway, these results look great but we would also like to see these numbers on myfxbook to ascertain the truth.


With a very new trading system like this one, it can be too early to pass a strong judgment.

However, we also feel that it is always good to say the truth when it comes to judging trading systems so as to save traders from losing their investment.

If we were to bet between FX Fortnite EA and our recommended trading systems, we would still choose the systems we are familiar with.

It is better the devil you know than the angel you do not know.

Thanks for reading.

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