FX Cryptomine 24 Review: FxCryptomine24 a Scam

FX Cryptomine 24 is a website that purports to deal in all kinds of online trading and investing.

They claim to offer binary options trading, Bitcoin investment and free Forex trading systems.

FxCryptomine24 claims that their platform will return high interest rates.

Minimum deposit is $300 and investment duration is 7 days.

FxCryptomine24 appears to implement the same formula that HYIPs are using to deceive investors.

Their “trading platform” is not an actual trading platform like you’d expect in an MT4 or a cTrader setup.

Instead of providing the services of a legitimate Crypto broker, this website is soliciting money from the public and directly accepting it into their bank accounts.

You can use these trading and investing tools/services since we don’t trust HYIPs or websites that are owned by anonymous people.

Is FX Cryptomine 24 legit?

Their web-based trading platform is a lie since there is no real trading platform being offered to customers.

FxCryptomine24 review

It is also not clear how trading is being done on this website because it does not have the features of a fully fledged Forex and Crypto broker.

The only thing we can find is a register and login pages. There is no information about the location of this website owner or their licensing status.

We treat these things as serious red flags and unless you want to lose your $300, there is no point sending these crooks your hard-earned money.


FX Cryptomine 24 is only accepting payment in Cryptocurrency.

This is to make it harder for the victim to retrieve their lost money.

They are neither registered nor regulated by any financial watchdog.

Honestly this is a trap where victims lose $300 and above. Avoid.