FX BlasterPRO Review: Is FXBlasterPRO EA Legit?

Our review of the FX BlasterPRO EA will help you make an informed purchase decision because the robot is a bit expensive compared to your average EA. There are two licenses, costing $299 and $459 respectively.

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We already like the performance aspect of this Forex robot and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a license or even recommend it. So buy it.

These days it’s quite difficult to find a Forex EA with impressive trading performance.

So when we found FXBlasterPRO, we had to review it to learn more about the product and see whether it’s a viable investment.

Now, the website of FX BlasterPRO lets us know that it is selling an automatic Forex trading system that consistently produce profit with great myfxbook performance.

It is easy to use, compatible with all brokers, fully customizable and of course fully automated.

The developer has also provided their myfxbook profile for our viewing pleasure.

FXBlasterPRO EA review

This indicates that the developer is transparent and does not shy away from showing us the EA’s trading performance.

But you must also ask yourself why we’re recommending it, and our answer is simple:

Just read the rest of this review to understand its strategy and what its performance looks like.

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FX BlasterPRO EA review

The website of this vendor keeps it brief and straight to the point.

They provide us with a list of features to expect from this EA as well as a section that highlights the strategies which they used.

The development team goes by the name FX BLASTERPRO.

Although they did a great job in creating a Forex robot that managed a +194.29% gain in the last 6 months of trading, we still feel that they should have spent a few minutes introducing themselves.

All in all, we will have to look into their strategy to see how they were able to achieve these outstanding results.

FXBlasterPRO EA trading strategy

They make it clear that the EA somehow gets smarter by the day.

This is because they use 3 standalone strategies which the developer says will help the robot learn when to “play” and when to “wait”.

The FX BlasterPro EA is a combination of many indicators that combine together to implement strategies such as grid, semi martingale, hedging and smart trend.

The developer claims that this robot has the advantage of combining the above strategies with grid trading.

They conclude this statement by saying the EA was written by a team of experienced programmers who have been researching and developing expert advisors for 10 years.

Although the strategy appears complex and no details are provided to help us understand how they combine the indicators, we still feel that this product is at least ahead of the competition especially in terms of sustainability.

Let’s look at what you’ll get with your purchase.

Product details

1.Lifetime license with every purchase

2.User manual

3.Lifetime updates for free

4.24/7 friendly support

FX BlasterPRO EA Trading performance

We ate very much interested in this part than any other.

Even if a vendor can’t provide a complete introduction of who they are and what product they intend to provide, they must at least show us what results they’ve achieved with their product.

We’re looking at a myfxbook account of somebody called Ray Trader.

This is a live Forex broker account hosted at Fort Financial Services.

Leverage of this account is 1:1000 (this caught us by surprise).

Currently, the monthly return of this Forex robot is 12.85% while drawdown is kept at a modest 15.12%.

The account is fully verified and is not a demo.

We must say these are the kind of results we’re looking for in a Forex robot.

The developer is showing responsibility by investing his own money ($1,000) and actually trading it with the product before they can sell it to us.

This is a very good start, and we’re hoping that FXBlasterPRO EA will become popular as more traders get to know it.

Consumer reviews

It’s not a popular EA right now but the results that this developer is getting have surpassed what we’ve seen with the most popular EAs.

Currently there are only reviews like this on the internet. We’d like to give you this opportunity so you can also provide your feedback and let the community know what results you’re getting.


I would purchase either of the licenses for the FX BlasterPRO EA.

It’s a good automated trading system going by the results we see.

We would only like to know more about the developer because some buyers are generally skeptic even if there’s evidence that a product works.

Thanks for reading our review.

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