Fundiza Ltd Review: Stubborn Scam (Recover Your Money)

Fundiza Ltd (as funny as its name sounds) will scam you of your deposit if you dare ‘invest’ on their platform. This is an offshore located broker. To be precise, they are operating this investment fraud out the the St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is a safe haven for scammers in the financial and banking industry.

We urge you to get quick help in RECOVERING YOUR LOST MONEY by visiting this page and following the instructions. In the meantime, Fundiza does not want you to know that they are a scam.

Instead, they want you to go along with their lies. This is why they’re giving you ‘500 markets to trade’. They are also talking about ‘extra ordinary trading conditions’, good leverage (1:400) and several other advantages.

We promise you that this broker is no good for your trading. To be successful, you start by subscribing or investing on proper trading tools and services. A good broker goes hand in hand with these trading product recommendation.

Fundiza Ltd Review

The Fundiza brokerage platform tries to look legitimate by also suggesting that they have a research team that can identify investing opportunities for you.

In addition to this, they have posted a video on their homepage depicting how Fundiza is a popular broker.. even to the extent of having its own news team.

This is a clever ploy to convince you when in the real sense this is an investment scam.

Obviously the broker is not willing to disclose the people behind their operations because this would jeopardize their safety after doing a big scam job where authorities are also likely to bust them.

We feel that even the physical address that the scam is giving us is not accurate. There’s nothing you can trust about these guys no matter what they tell you.

Fundiza is not a regulated Forex broker

It’s important to realize that Fundiza does not have a valid regulatory license. This makes them a very risky broker not worth trusting with your deposit.

The jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is well known for hosting scam brokers. This is no coincidence that Fundiza is also a scam broker hosting their operations in the criminal haven.

We urge you not to wire any money to this broker because such a broker does not have a responsibility to protect your funds. After all, they are not answerable to any regulatory authority.

How they scam you and what you can do about it

When you sign up, they will ask for your phone number and email address. Fundiza has a team of boiler room telemarketers who are good at persistent calling.

They will call to pursuade you to deposit money on their platform. If you have deposited some money, they will give you an ‘account manager’ who will ask if they can trade for you. Of course you say yes and the account manager ‘trades’ until he doubles your deposit.

You want to withdraw and the silly people will tell you to deposit more money or wire some money that will cater for tax logisitics.

If you fall for this crap, you will have been scammed twice as they will neither return the original deposit or the additional money.

So don’t give them your phone number in the first place.

The conclusion

Avoid Fundiza or anything that smells like a scam. There are many complaints already concerning this broker. We even forgot to mention that they are blacklisted by UK’s financial regulator FCA.

Also the Italian financial regulator (CONSOB) has warned the public against using Fundiza Ltd trading services. Do you see how risky this is?