Review: A Dirty Scam (Avoid) is the new “fund my trading account for free” scheme. The so-called proprietary trading company is supposedly funding promising traders worldwide. In fact, they want to give $200,000 of free trading money if students pass two trading tests, one on the demo account and the other on a live account. FundedNext further claims that they are paying traders 15% of “profit” from a demo account — a claim that is obviously making no sense. Furthermore, victims of this scam must pay an “assessement fee” upfront ….. (or whatever they call it) to start trading on a simulator. They must not violate any rules or else they risk paying additional fees if their account is reset.

The question is — can we trust these guys? And why is it so difficult for traders to start small with these trading systems and have the patience to build their account gradually instead of chasing elusive dreams? Obviously we can’t trust them because they are charging fees to use a practice account. They claim that the upfront fee is refundable but if you break even one rule, you forefeit your money. No refunds. That means there is more than meets the eye. FundedNext is basically preying on the greed of under-capitalized traders by asking them to spend anywhere between $99 to $999 to get funding and profit splits. The company is not considering it a big deal giving you 90% of the profits. Just give them a portion of your profits and don’t break the rules.

FundedNext Review: Shocking details

All of these supposed proprietary trading companies are operating using the same formula that puts traders at risk of losing the money they paid in assessement fees. You can be sure that FundedNext is just a new addition into the long list of “fund my trading account for free” scams. So if you come across BuoyTrade, UProfit Trader, Funded Trading Plus or FTMO run.

The website is new as it surfaced on the web in March of 2022. However, the domain has been up for sale since 2018. The reason for starting a website using old domains is because scammers always want to feign reputation, as something that has existed on the web for at least 5 years can be considered fairly reputable.

The company behind FundedNext is called Next Ventures. These folks are operating out of United Arab Emirates, US, UK and South East Asia. The website also states that they have a team of 96 professionals.

What they’re offering traders is extremely tempting as under-funding is one of the biggest hurdles on a trader’s journey to success. If you want to sign up for the “free trading money”, you should know that nobody is going to give you free money for trading. You must pay fees upfront and you will be sent to trade on a demo account still.

It is quite absurd that the company is making money through this fraudulent means and also turning consumers into victims by charging additional fees for “resetting trading accounts”. Chances of getting a refund will be slim because I believe plenty of trades who get into these schemes always break the rules.

The reason FundedNext is offering you a shitty deal is because after paying them a fee, you will be desperately trading and hoping to win back your fees. After all, refunds are only possible after 10 successful trades in any given month.

The allure of a 90% profit split is just too sweet. Traders don’t get to see what’s in it because they are blinded by the promise of trading a 200K account. Traders are desperately paying the fees to trade this account size.

FundedNext and why it’s a scam

I just ask myself how some people are not considering this kind of scheme a big fat scam. The marketing gimmick is designed to take advantage of the less fortunate.

The company is even advertising on Google and in PR websites to get the attention of the financially desperate. But how could people be so silly to fall for a bullshit “fund my account for free” scam?

Go and read the fine print and get to understand what this is. Furthermore, FundedNext is a very new company and we don’t have any real user reviews just yet. How then can people believe a company that does not have any customers of their product or service?

The Conclusion

It is such a sad state of affairs to see people running towards these supposed prop trading firms in hopes of getting funded.

One thing with the internet is that if you are desperate, you will be scammed. If somebody wants to pay you 15% of profits from a simulator, where do you think the money is going to come from?

The scam is betting on you to lose so that they make money. That is how Fundednext is running the scheme.

At least they are honest enough to disclose that they’re using a broker called EightCap. EightCap is happy to collaborate with the scammers because it is sort of a symbiotic relationship — bring me customers, I provide a trading platform and we make money.

A lot has been said. So I want to close this review and thank you for reading. It’s been real. I hope you will write your comments below (if you have an experience with this company or any other prop trading firm).