Fundaimer Review: Is Fund Aimer a Crypto Scam?

Welcome to the Fundaimer review. Fund Aimer is a website that claims to generate passive income for its members.

They claim to trade Forex, Crypto and Commodities to produce weekly returns of 5% to 8%.

FundAimer is actually running their project like Quantum Hedge Fund,, Capital Assets Trade and many others.

Fund Aimer accepts a minimum deposit of £1000. However, in their investment plans page, the minimum that investors can put in is £50,000.

In addition to trading, Fund Aimer claims to mine Crypto where they allegedly generate 7% to 9% in weekly ROI.

Their Crypto mining service requires a minimum investment of £2,000.  And as you can see, lots of money is involved when joining this project.

So before you join, you should read this Fund Aimer review to find out whether or not this is a viable investment opportunity.

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Fund Aimer Review

According to their promotion materials, FundAimer was established in January 2018.

Fund Aimer review

They claim that their area of operation involves providing useful information to members of myriads of people worldwide.

How this information helps is the question because when we look at how they run Fund Aimer, we realize that “investors” are actually depositing funds into their website.

They are accepting deposits directly and alleging that the funds are being put into trading and mining of Crypto.

With this in mind, we don’t see how providing information to myriads of people across the world is relevant.

Basically, Fund Aimer is offering investment products and services. This is evident just by looking at their investment plans which are akin to what HYIPs or ponzi schemes do.

Another thing worth noting is that Fund Aimer is peddling securities, distributed funds and diversified investments.

They also claim to offer stable weekly returns, which is something that the investment community is looking for only if they can find a reliable investment opportunity.

At this point, we’re starting to doubt Fund Aimer and their operations.

We need to look at details of their team (do they have any trading or investing experience?), their location and weekly income report.

This is where a sane investor will start to ask questions that go unanswered.

Fund Aimer Review: Background of CEO and other associates

FundAimer is allegedly headed by “Eric Mathew” who is the Board president.

They’ve also provided a couple of pictures for other team members on their about us page.

Neither do we find information about “Erick Mathew” nor other team members. This about us page does not provide a LinkedIn profile for these team members.

This raises suspicious because if they were legit and their pictures represented the people they claim to be, they would have also provided their LinkedIn profiles.

Fund Aimer is therefore run by anonymous people. What they provide on their about us page are nothing but stock photos.

This should make you change your mind if you wanted to hand over your £1,000 to them.

Does FundAimer has verifiable weekly report?

They claim to generate up to 9% on a weekly basis.

This is equally suspicious because we don’t believe there is any financial service out there that can generate these returns.

Since they insist that they are profitable and are maintaining consistency, it would be wise for them to provide us with their verifiable trading results.

Does FundAimer prove their legitimacy using third-party audited trading results?

No, they don’t. They’re just making claims of generating revenue but are not convincing us using verifiable trading results.

It therefore means that Fund Aimer is actually not trading as claimed on the promotion material.


We have legit reasons to believe that FundAimer is a ponzi scam.

There is no valid trading activity and the money collected from unsuspecting investors is actually being used to pay older members.

The rest is retained by the owner of the scam. If you don’t want to be disappointed, avoid such websites.

You can trade Crypto by using a Crypto bot like Bitsgap for example.

Thanks for reading our review of Fund Aimer. Stay tuned.