Review: Is it a Scam? is a website and a platform that purports to offer trading and financial services to the French market.

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They provide 3 investment packages on their website. These include:

Starter…..100 to 1,500

Standard…..1500 to 5,000

Premium…. 5,000 to 500,000

All of the investment packs above allow 12 months of investing duration, auto functions and limited coaching sessions.

In addition to this, the website proclaims that they have over €1,000,000 under management.

And they also tell us that there are currently over 2000 customers of Fructify in over 17 countries.

These proclamations are definitely gimmicky in nature.

We’re not able to verify those numbers just yet. It also seems that this website is making those claims so as to look popular and reliable.

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Of course this is not a popular website or investing destination. Their Alexa ranking shows that the site barely receives 30 visitors a day.

So how can they be popular and trusted so as to manage over €1,000,000 in investor funds?

Is legit?

In as much as the service looks legit, we have reasons to believe that this is actually a scam.

Let’s start by looking at what they offer:

Fructify review

Fructify lets individuals trade by copy-pasting signals and trade recommendations from their Telegram channel.

In addition to this, the website’s marketing materials claim that the platform provides the best strategy for buying and selling assets.

For the investor with no time to trade, intends to provide managed accounts with minimum deposit starting at €5,000 (here’s a contradicting statement because their investment packs say otherwise).

According to the website, is owned and operated by Jonathan Nowak.

Mr. Jonathan Nowak is an investment educator and he also proclaims to be a successful investor.

He has a YouTube channel with 18k subscribers where he posts all manner of investment advice.

Is he licensed to provide financial advisory services? The answer is No!

It also seems that Jonathan Nowak, through his website, is offering some sort of brokerage services.

This kind of service is highly regulated and only a licensed brokerage firm can legally provide the kind of financial service that is offering.

Is this firm or website regulated by the AMF? No is the answer

Can one recover money lost through

Certainly you can recover your money if you ever lose it through this website.

It is clear that the site intends to scam individuals by offering them dubious investment plans and trading strategies with no track record.

If that is the case, you can seek help from this financial recovery firm.


I don’t recommend putting your hard earned money on this platform.

The risk isn’t worth it and the person claiming to offer successful investing is an investment guru with no license or track record of successful trading.

You can take a look at these alternative trading and investing tools.

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