Review: Scam Bitcoin Cloud Mining! is a supposed Cryptocurrency cloud mining website.

The cheapest plan is supposed to run for 365 days and miners can purchase it for 0.02 BTC.

Daily ROI is 3%. This clearly tells you that is not mining any Cryptocurrencies because at this rate, all their customers including the website admin would be rich. was anonymously registered in March 2020.

Whereas the owner is completely anonymous, they still promise the best mining and passive income earning opportunity through Cryptocurrency cloud mining.

And of course has also listed “transactions” on their website to give the impression that people are depositing and withdrawing profits at all times.

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Is legit?

No, it is not a legitimate Bitcoin cloud mining website. It is a HYIP fraud.

Once you sign up and login to your dashboard to deposit funds, you will be told to select a Bitcoin cloud mining package.

Of course you will select the cheapest cloud mining package to test the service first.

You will see that you’re getting rich by the day. The problem with these “riches” is that you can’t withdraw them.

If you attempt to do so, you will be blocked or the “transaction will go through” but you will never receive your Bitcoins from the fraudster.

This is how naughty these scammers can be.

So do not believe this too good to be true Crypto cloud mining website.

There is no Crypto mining without fees. Anyone who tells you they can mine Bitcoin for you without any fees is a scammer.


Avoid at all cost. There is no free mining anywhere on the internet.

Furthermore, the cost of Bitcoin mining keeps increasing by the day. It’s technically impossible to mine Bitcoin cheaply or for free.

Avoid this fraud as nothing good will come out of it, let alone a word of thanks.