Review: Freedom Gold a Ponzi Scheme

Freedom Gold is a ponzi scheme operated out of Nigeria under a company registered as FREEDOM WORLD INTEGRATED SERVICES. This entity is also in charge of running an internal exchange that supports trading of Freedom Gold Token (FRG) called This kind of platform cannot be trusted and neither can we recommend it because it is a high-risk website. If you want real investing with potential for good returns, we urge you to sign up with these trading and investment resources.

Talking of ponzi schemes, this website fails to provide names of the company owners and are definitely not giving us reasons to trust their platform at all.

Currently the website of FreedomGold claims that investors of FTG token earn 5% weekly ROI. FRG is supposedly a utility bill payment token that also gives investors the ability to stake, earn interest from loans or just trade it for profit.

There are several problems with FreedomGold that we would like you to take note of, and please you need to keep off these kinds of websites.

FreedomGold Review: Why Freedom Gold is a ponzi scheme

The FRG token does not have any real world value. The anonymous owners of the project attempted to list it at CoinMarketcap as you see here but you can also establish that the token’s price is not currently tracked.

This is a red flag because the owner is not willing to admit that the value of 1 FRG token is actually $0.00.

Keep in mind that the only exchange where you will find this token and trade is This exchange is owned and operated by the owners of Freedom Gold, and they can manipulate the price to fool you into buying the worthless token.

One thing we know is that this token does not have any serious liqudity. Not many people own it as a matter of fact.

This means that if you buy FRG token and later decide to sell it, you will have problems because nobody will be willing to buy it.

You will therefore get stack with useless tokens which you purchased for real dollars. Do you see how you are going to lose money in this silly ponzi scheme?

How is FreedomGold generating revenue?

They say that the company will pay investors a weekly ROI of 5% but are not giving proof of where this revenue is going to come from.

Now that this is the case, you must be sure that if these guys make any payouts, they will be using new deposits to stick to their end of bargain.

The danger of running a ponzi scheme of this kind is that new deposits will soon run out and the owner of Freedom Gold will not be able to meet payout requirements.

At this point, the only option is to shut down the scam and run away with whatever little is remaining.

What to do if you lose money in this Freedom Gold scam

Because FreedomGold is a scam like Dacxi by Ed Ludbrook, many victims are going to lose their money and investment.

The good thing is that if you are a victim of this scam or you already lost money elsewhere, there is hope of recovering your lost funds.

You can always use the chargeback verification chat or fill the form in this review to begin the process of recovering your money.

There will be no upfront obligation for filling and submitting the form or presenting your case on the live chat. So this is the best thing about it.

The Conclusion

Ponzi schemes like FreedomGold are here to waste your time and steal your money. The more you ‘invest’ in the useless token, the more money you will lose to the Nigerian scammers.

We urge you to avoid these corny investment schemes. If you want real investing, look for your options in this list of investing products and services.