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FourLeafClover EA (Expert Advisor) Review

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This FourLeafClover EA from ( is a MetaTrader Forex robot costing £200 per year.

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This specific EA developer claims that it took them 4 years to create this robot.

The developer describes himself as a software engineer turned trader who got disappointed with fake Forex robots that don’t produce results.

The FourLeafClover EA is allegedly a Forex robot with 7,000 lines of MQL4 code.

It has very comprehensive trade entry criteria and management logic.

The developer does not describe the exact trading strategy but claims FourLeafClover EA’s strategy is designed with robustness that stands all market conditions.

Pairs that it can accommodate include USDCAD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD and NZDUSD.

Minimum deposit for a cent account is $30 while standard accounts will perform well when minimum deposit is $3000.

The FourLeafClover EA supports hedging and contains features like configurable stop loss for protecting capital, equity filters for new trades, stealth stop loss, smart trade exit and trade updates via email.

fourleafclover fx ea review

We currently don’t know who the developer of this Forex EA is. We don’t know where they’re operating from or what their experience is since we’re unable to verify their 4 year experience.

In this review, we will let you know whether this Forex robot is a viable automated trading system or not.

Is FourLeafClover EA legit?

Before we answer the above question, we’ll be looking at the track record of this EA’s performance.

But first, we must confess that the website of the developer is quite basic and not inspiring at all. It only has a few texts and no images to accompany their presentation.

It seems the developer was only concerned with passing their message across.

Their performance page only has backtests and forward tests.

We clicked the links and actually found that they are live and leading to the developer’s myfxbook account.

While this is good news, we’re wondering what is happening to these accounts.

For example, one of their accounts is showing a gain of +1125.09% while absolute gain is -220.1%.

We don’t understand how a profitable account can have such a negative figure for an absolute gain unless there is something this developer is not telling us.

This is the same case with all of the developer’s other myfxbook accounts.

We suspect foul play in these results. We only need clarity from the developer concerning what was happening.


We can’t recommend this Forex robot yet because their results are suspicious and the developer has not provided any feedback.

We prefer straight forward software vendors who are transparent with their myfxbook accounts.

And the pricing is also quite weird as the community is used to buying Forex robots for less than $200 per license.

We’ll definitely monitor this EA and bring you relevant updates if we find any.

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